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News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious


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The live event from Disney Branded Television celebrates the power of music with a medley of classic Disney music reinterpreted by a culturally diverse group of 240 artists from all around the world, all performed by a live orchestra and ensemble of international vocalists.

So there will be a live orchestra for this stream? Too bad Gavin couldn't get his way when RoE was ending. He was trying to push Disney into letting him conduct a live performance for one of, if not the last showing.


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Am I wrong or is this the first Live event on Disney+ ? That is something I didn't expect from the platform and it gives me hope that more live events will happen eventually.. If Disney was smart they would put a bunch of vloggers out of jobs and just do their own strolls in the parks all day.
Dancing With The Stars is moving to Disney+ to be the same way.


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I am biased, I know, but I thought that was pretty incredible - well done by the whole production team

Be great to keep in Auliʻi Cravalho's narration for the show normally



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This livestream was the first time I think I really understood what they were going for with the show. The effect of the orchestra and singers alongside the show was actually quite spectacular. Still don't like the show on its own (and in fact I think it says a lot that the show itself receded into the background for its own special), but I appreciate the music more.

The special felt like a big-budget DisneyParks livestream—apart from Idina and Auli'i, it seems like most of the singers were lip syncing to prerecorded tracks, which was a bit of a shame (but I get it logistically).

Good proof of concept that they can handle higher production livestreams ahead of DWTS' move in the fall.


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This made me like the show even more.
I'm curious how/why. I have never seen it, so I always thought the complaints were overblown. I was wrong.

I absolutely hated that. Too fast between songs. Too short of clips. All IP. No throughline other than to tell us that music is good and can make you feel things instead of actually letting the music let us feel things. Crappy pyro. Bad scenes. Unbelievable they ruined the lagoons with tacos for that.

Holy cow was that not just underwhelming, but actively awful.
I was not it impressed by it. showing the performers is great when doing a BTS thing, but not when it overshadows the actual show. This wasn’t to be a ‘performances of harmonious‘ viewing, this was supposed to be Harmonious. They showed maybe 20% of the actual show. If the show can’t stand on its own without this major focus on the performances….maybe it’s time to admit ya done screwed up?

Idina‘s enthusiasm was great and I could listen to Auli’i read the phone book, but to put the actual singing voices of the characters on the sidelines was baffling.
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