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News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious


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OK I'm apparently way in the minority but I thought the music was great in individual pieces but I agree with majority that it was very disjointed.

It reminds me of a group PowerPoint project where everyone does a few slides but it doesn't come together smoothly. There was a video in the last two weeks where someone was saying they were still figuring out how it was going to come together and I thought that impossible for they must know what they doing so close to first showing...

But really if they added many of the songs to the respective pavilions rotations that might be nice.


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I liked it. I had to keep reminding myself IllumNations had quiet/no Pyro spots as well .

I liked Dig a little deeper. And the finale.

My only hope is SSE Beacon Of Magic is not just after Harm. It's the whole night starting 10/1 correct?


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In the Parks
See, I actually think it is really cool to hear songs you know sung in different languages. Until RoE, IllumiNations was similarly made up of music you already knew. They made this show as Epcot as possible while meeting their boss’s demands for IP integration.

And I think the fountains look stunning. Think back to the fountains in RoE. They’ve come a long way.

It will obviously look more impressive in person.


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Yeah, but now we also know that the soundtrack is not good.
Exactly. For me, all it needed was a common thread musically, like HEA pulls off at the start and end. I loved HEA, and this could have been better.

World of Color has this as well - the 'original' musical segments are the highlight. Same with Fantasmic. Same with Wishes.

What a complete misstep.


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All the elements are there, the show just has no flow or story to it. It could be a solid magic kingdom style show if it had some “glue” to hold all the segments together. Also can we discuss how visually underwhelming the taco shaped LED screens are. It’s like they designed a solution looking for a problem and then didn’t know what visual elements to put on them. Water screens would have worked great. Still… can’t wait to see it for myself before I pass to harsh of judgement. Excited to read other people’s thoughts!

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