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News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious


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I think I found a preview of the daytime mode for the barges:



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I'm sure it has been engineered for that. These things are like off shore oil rigs. Wouldn't surprise me if they were about the last thing standing if a hurricane rolled through EPCOT.

That would be my thought as well. There’s no excuse for not engineering it to handle a hurricane. However, if there were parts already needing replacement… It could just be isolated failures, certainly, but it raises eyebrows.

I’ll be curious to see how these hold up A) once they are used daily, and B) when a storm rolls through.
REALLY????? Honestly!

Now that I said that.........where is this? It looks like a beach at an Ocean or very big lake. Why would a barge be out there?
I see these off the beach in Clearwater, they are usually towed behind a boat or are self propelled and the drive up and down the beaches from St Pete to Clearwater. Think of them as the banners you see towed behind planes but on the water.

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