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News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious


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Also I hate to say this, but the center ring screen, appears to be not the best as far as making out what is actually on it.
Lets hope they kept it "low res" just for these shots, to save some surprises for the premier.
It's abstract swatches of color in that picture. A lack of IP which should delight some.


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What a load of twaddle
You rang?


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EPCOT has always been about performing Disney songs in different languages? Huh.

Hopefully not as bad as the new versions used in Epcot Forever.

I'm thinking songs for movies sung in the languages where the movie took place? Beauty and The Beast - sung/reimagined in French....that's all I can think of 😂, I don't know my Disney music that well!

I don't know, could end up sounding quite pretty.

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