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News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious


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Yeah the "go away" paint hasn't really been working too well recently. Worked int eh old days to some extent when it was just hiding something right on the edge or backstage, but things like Guardians, Rat and this - nope.

Such a disappointment. I remember when I would take guests backstage on tours, they would be in awe that Splash Mountain or The Haunted Mansion were not actually in the mountain or house. The idea of a "show building" didn't exist to many people. Now they've lost that art completely.


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The final monument is in place! The pieces are set! The portal to the netherworld can now be open!! It is the end of days!!!!



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Im probably one of the very few but I’m anxious to see a parks blog update of show testing. Not sure if they have done any actual show programming yet though.


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We must have been lucky during our visits. To be honest I’d have liked to have seen it exposed.

Ive never seen WOC fully submerged in all of my trips to DL. Its pretty big eye sore, but still not as bad as the mess that they have dropped in the middle of the lagoon.

Epcot was, and in some ways still is, my favorite park. I was there for the good days of Horizons and WoM and original Journey, and obviously miss what the park used to be. This however, is the worst thing they have ever done, IMO.

Giss Neric

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Who are the people in charge of the show? Are they the same people who also made the previous and current nighttime spectaculars in all parks?


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I know the current rumor is Epcot Forever for summer.... but with all the hardware for Harmonious in place, you'd think that they could launch the show by July 4th (3 months from now) if they wanted to.

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