Really late dinner res at 'Ohana


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After missing the 180 day ADR, we finally snagged a res for 'Ohana. That's good.
The only reservation slot we could find for our visit week was at 9:45PM. That's bad.
We might get to watch the fireworks from our dinner spot if we get a window seat. That's good.
The restaurant's scheduled closing is 10pm. That's bad.
I'm hoping the restaurant won't be super-crowded by that hour. That's good.
The staff might be super-****ed that we're there so late, keeping them there late. That's bad.

Many restaurants in our town don't even have an open kitchen within 30 minutes of closing, I realize things work differently in the Disney Reality Distortion Field.

For those who've eaten there so late, any experiences to share?


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I'd get there early, maybe even as early as 9:20-9:25 and ask if they can seat you early. Just be patient if not; grab a drink and wait.

I doubt they'll be upset, it's one of the most popular restaurants on property, they probably have people at tables at least until 10:30 every night anyway.

Keep trying, you may be able to get an earlier ADR.
I had dinner at that time. The place was empty and the staff was cleaning. Nothing was fresh or just cooked. will not do that ever again. Love Ohana, but going that late was not worth it. Keep trying another time might show up.


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We always eat there that late and it is always still packed!! We even usually have to wait at least 15 min or more for our table. We have never seen it start to clear out until maybe 11 or 11:30pn. They say they close at 10 but would not allow people to make reservations at 9:45 if things were actually closing down at 10.
We usually prefer around that time as so we are not hurrying up to leave a park etc. We are on our trip right as I speak and we ate at Ohana' the night we got here 10/28 (tues) and had our reservation at 9:450pm and even showed up late at 10 and there was tons of people still waiting for tables. When we finished eating the restaurant was still full of people around 11:15 or so. I always go at slower times of year too and have never seen Ohana' even at that late time on a weekday at that, be anything but bustling with people and even more bustling on the weekend! No worries! And Enjoy!! :)


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We had an ADR after 9 PM at Ohana, tired after a long day, and the servers were not coming around often enough especially with the meats. Wanted to be seated in time for Wishes, which we were, but there was a TREE blocking our view so we couldn't really even see it well. Not my favorite experience. Food tasty, though.


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We've eaten at 'Ohana many times, and on all of those times EXCEPT for one, we really enjoyed it. The one time we did not enjoy it was when we had a late reservation, which was around 8:30. The quality of the food wasn't on par, and the service was somewhat lacking in that the wait staff basically acted like they were ready to go home.
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