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Rainforest Cafe - Disney Springs?


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I know I'm in the minorty...I love this restaurant. Does anyone know anything about its reopening? More specifically, if it is going to? Yak and Yeti is reopening, so I suppose that's good, but I've heard nothing so far about The Rainforest Cafe. Anyone?


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Haven't heard anything about DS Rainforest. On one of our recent visits our family had lunch at the Rainforest in front of AK. That was one brutal afternoon. I got the ahi tuna poke tower. Wow ! About two hours after lunch I was sprinting from bathroom to bathroom. We were staying in Kissimmee so the ride back to the house was sketchy. Had to pull over at a Walgreens on Rte 192 and utilize their restroom.


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The problem with RC is too many employees. There's the greeter, then the seater. You get a waiter/waitress and a drink guy to follow. Somebody else brings your food. The waiter comes back and asks how it is when your mouth is full and drops the check on the table. Then...someone else takes the check and your card and I swear, goes on break. But my meal was great.


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I do find it curious that T-Rex is open, but nothing from RFC. With the way Fertitta has been over financial matters, I find it surprising that it didn't open ASAP. I did have this crazy theory that Fertitta is saving it as a safer place for the Rockets and personnel to dine while the NBA is in Orlando. Again...just a crazy theory. 🤪


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My guess is that T-Rex opened first as its a more central location. Disney were slower to open up there stores in the marketplace end of DS and therefore with no footfall in the area, there is no reason to open the restaurant.

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