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Questions about WDW CM Spouse Pass

Jessica Chiasson

New Member
Original Poster
I have read many things about CM MainGate Spouse passes, but I'm still very confused.

My husband has applied for a job as a cook at WDW. He has his first (telephone) interview on Monday, August 14!

Anyway, I was wondering: what does the Spouse pass include? I know I would be able to get into the parks/take guests etc, BUT what's confusing me, is this: we would be moving from New Orleans if he were to accept the position. We don't have kids and all of our family lives here (NOLA), so we wouldn't have much use of the guest passes unless family happens to come into town.

So, my question is: say one day, we're both off and we decide we want to spend the day in the parks. Can we use both is CM pass and my Spouse pass to get us both in, or will we have to use one of his guest passes? I've read many forums that say that I could go in first, then he would follow and all would be okay. Then, other forums say he would have to use a guest pass. Which is it? Do you see my confusion?? Haha.
Six of one or half a dozen of another. You can use the spouse pass if you enter before the cast member. If you enter after the cast member, you would have to use a guest pass. EITHER use counts against the cast member's guest pass privileges for the year.