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I am sorry... English is not my first language... please explain the question to me... what does "perks" mean? What kind of things you mean? :confused:
Thank you!

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Did you get free admission on your day off, reduced rates for family/friends at resorts, a lifetime pass....things like that. ( also serious things like medical coverage, pension, 401k, stock options, things like that)


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Part time and full time CMs get the same benefits:

-free admission to the parks
-50% off admission to water parks and disney quest
-food and merchendise discounts
-free park passes for guests
-free admission to special events (flower & garden festival, food & wine festival, cast christmas party) for guests which does not count against the number of free guest admissions
-discounts on other Disney entertainment
-cast exclusive recreation area
-lifetime pass after retirement

And, as Marcia mentioned, there are other more serious benefits too.:)


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Thank you sillyspook! You just saved me some typing... ;)

Yeah... as a CM you get all those benefits and serious ones too like in any other place. There was one thing they have that we don´t have in Mexico that is called "personal holidays" which means you get certain days off that you get paid for. I had three in the 15 months I stayed and you can take any day off you want and get paid as if you had worked. Then you have vacation days as in any other place.

Another good deal is the 40% off in merchandise that you get for Xmas season for two weeks. I spent a lot!

There are also discounts for family and friends at the resorts at certain times, and there used to be (I donñt know if it still exists) a very good deal for the Cruise. I did it it and it was the best of the deals!



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There has been a deal for cruises for the CMs lately: a 7 day cruise $599 per person. My sister is already going on her second 7 day cruise. (leaves next week) This is, I think, her 6th or 7th cruise so far.:rolleyes:

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