QUESTION FOR EPCOT FANS: Pros & Cons Of Both Test Tracks?

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I’ve heard that generally people prefer the original Test Track to it’s successor, why is that? Or if you think the opposite, why’s that? I’d also like you to tell me your personal list of pros & cons for both.

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I like the original better because it had more of a theme to it and I found it fun to be a "test dummy".
The newer version is overall kinda boring in theme and I really only enjoy the outside part where as before I enjoyed the entire attraction from pre show to the full ride.
I only go on it if the line isn't insane now a days.


The original felt more like an Epcot ride. The sections in the new one where it's analyzing your car design is just kind of meh to me. I preferred the hot and cold tests and the other amusing aspects of the old version.

My kids really like the new one though. Being able to build your own vehicle is something they really enjoyed, and still talk about three years later. I do like the Tron feel of the new version, since I'm a big fan of Tron/Tron 2.


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The original version was better in my opinion. The queue with all the test dummies was really fun to walk through and see the machinery hit them. The new one really is just look at Chevrolet newest cars. The ride in the original it felt like you were actually on a test track with different terrains,weather,and the temperature test. The new one I don't find the Tron world as appealing. Also I'm not a fan of having to design your vehicle for five minutes. I feel it's a pointless (no pun intended) addition.

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