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Question about male hair for cast members


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Just a quick question, I've read the male hairstyling guidelines multiple times and researched all over for something specific and I am very sure this will get a quick answer, so my hopes are definitely not up. I know the hair has to be neat and symmetrical so it's off the back not covering the ears. I am native American mixed and have long hair that reaches below my lower back. Obviously that would not be acceptable, but what if it's neatly tied up and pulled up to a tight bun? I am very sure still not acceptable but I couldn't find anything specific against it for males. It essentially looks like I have neat combed hair only with a tight bun on the back of these head not covering the back of the neck or ears. With hair products it stays in place with no fly aways. Again I'm sure this is an obvious no but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. I will cut it and donate it if I have to, but wouldnt mind not having to chop off over a meter of hair lol. Thanks for your answer!


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  • Hair must be neatly cut on the back and sides, forming a smooth, symmetrical appearance so that it does not extend beyond or cover any part of the ears or the shirt collar. The overall style must be neat, natural and balanced proportionally.
  • A shaved head is permitted, as well as a very short military-style cut. Shaving of the eyebrows is not permitted.
  • Conservative braided hairstyles for men without beads or ornamentation are permitted. They must be styled above the ears and cut above the collar and be neatly braided close to the scalp in straight rows.
  • Tucking hair behind the ears, or pinning or tucking it under a hat to conceal an unacceptable hairstyle will not be permitted.
  • Extreme or bi-level styles are not permitted.
  • Hair products may be used to create a soft, natural hairstyle within these guidelines.
  • Artificial hair is permitted if it looks natural and meets all of the above requirements.


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Ahh yeah my mistake, I've read these guidelines and completely over looked the word 'pinning' which much answers my question. Thanks! I figured it was a long shot for sure, just had to reread it lol. Thanks again Bacon

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