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Question about combining tickets into annual passes


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Appreciate any help on this. We currently have two trips planned to Disney World this year. We purchased discounted Canadian tickets for a trip in April and have a package with park hopper tickets and free dining in August. I’ve read that Disney allows you to use the value of unused tickets and convert into annual passes. My question is if we want to covert the Canadian discounted tickets into annual passes, can we use the tickets that are part of the free dining package as part of the payment, and if so are does it impact the free dining package?

Thanks in advance for any advise.


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You can upgrade a single ticket to an annual pass by paying the difference in price; you cannot combine multiple tickets value towards a single annual pass.


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You could upgrade the April ticket to an AP. If you bought direct from Disney you may be able to do that in advance. If you can’t then upgrading before your last day of use will still be “in time” to book FPs for August.

And you could keep the August tickets from the package and use them later towards the cost of another AP, but I’m not sure if you can do that if you actually renew your AP. You don’t lose the value of those August tickets even when they expire.
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