Protest at Disney cancelled

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So let’s take a step back wit the political activism intruding into leisure activties.

When one does this or a group does this the phrase I most often hear is “to raise awareness”. The problem with this is two fold: one, it assumes that people are aware of the issue being protested, two it assumes that the target audience is “on your side”.

Because here’s the deal if this happens on vacation I doubt I’m going to think “golly gee, thanks for making me sufficiently woke!” The main problem right now to the left EVERYTHING is political as opposed to time and place.

I’m sufficiently politically aware, I don’t need extra credit assignments while on vacation. YMMV.
I’m playing devil’s advocate in this post.

These actions are not only meant to raise awareness but are meant to disrupt others’ lives and inconvenience them, at the very least. If anyone were to complain about the disruption, then they ought to be ashamed for complaining about an inconvenience, while the earthly lives of schoolchildren are being permanently disrupted.
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