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Proposing in the room??? Good or bad?


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After 6 years, it’s time to pop the question!
I’ll try to make it short. Obviously she loves Disney, and I was planning on proposing to her in the room because she wants a private proposal.

We’ll be staying at the kidani villa in animal kingdom. The plan was to eat dinner at the beauty and the beast restaurant (her favorite movie and on our dating anniversary) and bring her back to the hotel where I’m hoping, if possible, it will be laid out with roses and all that fancy stuff from the staff. I’m also wondering, do you think they will be able to have someone capture the moment for us? I realize it might be a little awkward having someone follow us in, but I figured during the time of the proposal she’s not going to care. And yes we do plan on seeing the fireworks either that night or go back the next day.

I’m just not sure if there’s better options or what you guys think Disney can do to make it more magical. I’ll be calling them today to see what they can do but also wanted to hear your guys’ opinion of the in room idea

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I think if I was getting engaged in Disney I would love for it to be some place on property that was quite not in the room. Maybe one of the many gazebo that are around the property (Google has pictures) or the little street off Main Street. I like the side paths next to the castle, usually quite and the castle will still be in any pictures. If you look at Disney Wedding website there ate ideas and you can probably contact Disney if you want help with details or pictures.


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Ah yes the gazebo, I read about that. I hope it’s not $3,000 for that carriage ride to the gazebo lol... thank you for the input :)
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