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Rumor Proposed Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

If they aren't willing to go big, meaning replacing the millennium structure with a show building, it might be better if they just went small. Meaning a spinner or two. IMO.

And I still think an E+ version of PPF should be on the table to replace the MK version. Brave and Poppins to the MK.
I don't hate the idea of a Carousel, but *just* a Carousel feels like a letdown to me.


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No inside information here but there is no way they are getting rid of PPF. The lines for that are always crazy and people love it. I have gone on this attraction a ton of times and always find it charming. I am still hoping for a Poppins dark ride done on the same lines. I think this would be a magnificent addition, but I am trying to manage my expectations as well. Marie
The problem with PPF at the MK is its popularity. And will be an increasing challenge for park ops. It just can't handle the crowds.
It only took them 55 years to give Mary Poppins a carousel.

I'm sure a "long term solution" to give her an actual ride would come in the next 55 right?

I wonder how merch sales for Mary are doing. I really do think merchandising has played a significant role in the lack of desire to do a real Mary ride or overlay Coco into Mexico (that and if they can avoid spending more than they "have to", they will). Not saying it's the be all end all factor but, again, how much merch do they sell? Same for Inside Out, actually.

Mary Poppins, the original and even the new one, could lend themselves beautifully to a classic dark ride, but nope ... sigh. Maybe if Coco and Poppins were getting rides elsewhere, then I imagine they'd be "doable" ... again, sigh. Perfect fits in the IP mandated world we live in ...
Cherry Tree Lane fits in far better in that back area than Brave ever could, IMO, despite Brave possibly being more culturally relevant, although I doubt they'd really touch upon that unless it's a movie (we'd probably get a shooter ride -- not a hint or rumor, just my guess -- but guests eat those up so ...). Unless we got a mini pavilion-esque area, which doesn't seem likely or possible.
I couldn't shake off the suspicion that Cherry Tree Lane in Mary Poppins deliberately resembles EPCOT'S UK back area...
My kids have always loved Epcot! I blame the parents. ;)
My kids enjoy Epcot too -- the pavilion stamps and Agent P have helped to make the WS more accessible, but they like learning about the countries anyway. That said, a few more rides to break up the monotony of shopping/food would be good. really looking forward to Ratatouille and even a flat ride in UK would be something of value (at least adding some kinetics).
Would probably be the other way around
Impossible of course, as EPCOT predates the movie by 35 years.

The look of Cherry Tree Lane changed considerably from Poppins I to Poppins II. The row of houses now bears a striking resemblance to WS UK back area. It has been noticed before that not just the parks are being transformed to resemble the movies, but that recent movies, in turn, are referential to the parks for their part. Or even the Disney empire as a whole, in Ralph.
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