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Rumor Proposed Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion


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"B" ticket or "A:" ticket, looks like we are getting a very lame Carousel as the big new attraction...Such a shame...


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Excellent question. I've never seen it as more than a 'B', personally. A spinner with very limited capacity, with basically no 'scenery' or show pieces or theming.
My theory is that they have intentionally lowered the bar...and we've allowed it.

I tend to be a "middle" definition of the labels guy...the 1975-1999 definition kinda guy. When an E Required technological innovation, story, and use of physics...

By that definition...the last E ticket in wdw was 2005...though I'm optimistic that there's a new one in AK. Hopefully one in MGM will qualify but I'm not seeing it.
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So I guess this isn't green lit anymore then? I was really hoping we'd hear about this attraction as one of the 12 days announcements
Academically speaking...if it's "not greenlit anymore", then it by definition never was. A light has to turn green to exist. Figuratively speaking.

The danger of rumors. In the context of wdw...thinking there will be attraction announcements now, after the slate rolled out in July, makes no sense. That's the biggest announcement slate since animal kingdom and it doesn't go to pattern. It would represent a change in procedure...


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Seems like it's changed spots a couple times
Well, ticket categories have been meaningless since the 80's...so we're debating our own self made categories for academic purposes to assess the quality/level of ride.

I think the management of wdw has lived in the "c" category for far too long...too much focus on the appearance of thrill without being willing to provide it to the different crowd segments. Two lands being constructed in MGM tend to reinforce that theory.
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"B" ticket or "A:" ticket, looks like we are getting a very lame Carousel as the big new attraction...Such a shame...
At no point in the course of this 135 page thread did anyone classify this as a "Big new attraction". In fact check out item #4 on Magic Feather's list from March as he was predicting what would be announced at D23.

Last I saw, Spain is actually at 2. Maybe 3.

Indeed. IMO regarding likely hood rankings-
1. M:S
2. Rat
3. GotG
4. UK Add (the small one)
5. New WS Country #1
6. Land Reno
7. Spain

This alongside other near guaranteed projects.
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