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Rumor Proposed Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion


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A year to the date that this has been posted, @MansionButler84 has mentioned that a Mary Poppins dark ride has been seemingly approved for the UK pavilion with construction commencing this year for a 2020 opening.

Not a huge surprise but I did hear today that a Mary Poppins dark ride has been approved and work begins within 6 months. We will see if they stay the course here.
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I've seen a rumor on Facebook that a Loch Ness monster inspired attraction may be coming to the UK Pavilion. Seems a little far fetched and I haven't seen it posted about in here. But the group I'm referencing has a pretty good track record about posting information.

Has anyone heard anything about this? @marni1971 @Magic Feather ?
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Might be able to use a Nelly "Hedge" to hide an incoming or outgoing gondola... It might be aMAZING what one could do to keep our attention away from new transportation site lines..
Alice in Wonderland maze ala Paris? Meh. Hope not. To block the lines I suppose it would need to be a large show building. Any other hints :)


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Interesting. A Loch Ness monster attraction would certainly fit and be a nice addition to Epcot, but doesn't fit the IP obsessed tendency of Disney these days (unless it's based on The Ballad of Nessie, which I would doubt).

Also, it's interesting because an attraction based on the Loch Ness Monster would be a perfect fit for DAK if they ever had a Beastly Kingdom type land, though certainly it makes sense in Epcot as a kind of cultural/mythic type addition.


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Hmmm. Does Marni say banded instead of bandied for a secret purpose? Does the conversion of Maelstrom into Frozen portend an IP based focus, which would argue in favor of Mary Poppins (live action film soon to be released) as opposed to Loch Ness? Oh the mysteries of Epcot.


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Hmm...So tell me Marni is it pathetic that I look for clues? For instance...when you say 'banded' could there be a 'band' involved in this non-definitive concept/theme?
Maybe its a clue that the placement of the attraction will involve demo'ing the area where British Revolution plays???
No hidden message :)


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While a return of Mr. Toad would be fun, the area involved is already almost perfectly themed for a Mary Poppins attraction of some sort, if some of it is outdoors. There may not be enough room for a huge attraction there anyway, unless they also took out some of the store fronts surrounding the courtyard as well.

But the "band" comments have me intrigued ...
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