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Project Stardust - Walt Disney World


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With Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary Celebration around the corner featuring exciting new attractions and experiences, Executives are starting to ask the next question: how will we handle the crowds? Crowds are becoming an increasing problem at the parks despite the touted abundance of space the Walt Disney Resort has. Over at Disneyland, they are in the middle of many changes as part of Project Stardust to ease congestion, improve crowd flow, and help make the overall experience more organized & enjoyable when the heavy crowds start to descend for Galaxy's Edge. We've seen similar adjustments over the years at Walt Disney World for new additions like New Fantasyland.

Your task is to find spots throughout the parks that could benefit from enhancements to improve crowding, congestion, traffic patterns, and clutter. Find ways to completely reimagine that spot to better fit the parks.

  • Queue Rerouteing
  • Planter Modifications
  • Dedicated Stroller Parking
  • Bypasses & Shortcuts During Events, Parades, & Night Time Shows
  • Moving Merchandise Carts & Vending Locations
  • Expanding Walkways
  • Adding Capacity to Existing Locations
  • Removing Things That Get in the Way
Real Life Examples:
  • Reconfigured/Expanded Cosmic Ray's Outdoor Seating
  • New Magic Kingdom Hub
  • Additional Restrooms at American Adventure
  • Expanded Walkways from Liberty Square to Fantasyland
  • Planter Modifications Around the Tree of Life
  • Moving the DVC Booth Outside of Sci-Fi Dine-In
Your Restrictions & Limitations Include:
  • No new attractions, merchandise, or food & beverage locations. We don't want to add something that will draw more crowds.
  • You can make modifications and reimagine existing locations as it achieves the goal.
  • You have a modest budget so pulling out all the stops may not be in the cards.
  • We're not simply paving paradise. Every modification or addition needs to be up to par with Disney storytelling & theming.
  • Be realistic. (Pushing back all the buildings on Main Street to widen the road isn't going to happen.)
  • Limiting admissions, price increases, etc are not the solutions we're Imagineering.
Thread Rules
  • Try to limit your plan to one post rather than a part 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • You are not redoing the entire resort, pick a spot or two to work on.
  • Anyone can share their thoughts. No sign ups or set teams.
  • It's not a contest, team challenge, or timed event.
  • Multiple people can pick the same topic or location. Different ideas are welcome, but I encourage you to find your own troublespot.
  • Comments and collaboration are welcome. Critique and feedback are also welcome, but keep that part constructive.
So, pick a trouble spot you can think of and get to work. Remember, Imagineers don't just build the next big attraction or have the most glamorous projects. This has a lot of potential though. Have fun!


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I feel like with the amount of crowds they have, The Magic Kingdom has already been 'stardusted' up significantly over the years to deal with modern day congestion and traffic at the parks, the most prime example being the renovated hub from a little while back. A lot of the more notorious crowd issues with that park are fundamental and can't be fixed with a small scale repaving. (Like that corridor between Peter Pan and Small World) Same with the other parks, particularly the ones where massive overhauls are already underway (EPCOT and DHS)

But if I could dream a little big it would be permanently opening and thematically enhancing the Main Street backstage bypass. Maybe making a nice themed park and gardens out of it.
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