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Project Florida from 1971 - Restored in HD


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Footage is here: https://www.retrowdw.com/imageworks/films/project-florida-like-youve-never-seen-it-before-restored-16mm-film/

This is one of the rare films we've all been waiting for...Project Florida. Produced in 1970 the film was presented on NBC's The Wonderful World of Disney, following the conclusion of The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin Part 3 on January 31, 1971. Its primary goal was to educate and excite the public about the construction and details of the soon-to-open Walt Disney World. Since then, aside from a portion of the film released on the DVD Magic Kingdom: Imagineering the Magic, the film in its entirety has been oddly absent from any other formal or informal presentation means, sans a screening on May 24, 2011 at D23's Destination D. Other than that, the only viewable footage was a horrible VHS to digital transfer on YouTube, so bad that at times you forget its even in color.

That has all changed...by chance we were able to obtain an original 16mm print of the film that was stored properly and was in great shape, but we had a minor problem - all the audio was in Portuguese. After scanning the film frame by frame in HD we implemented filters to stabilize, remove grain/scratches/dirt, crop, sharpen and color correct the film. Then our own How Bowers took the low-quality existing available audio and performed audio restoration, removing the warble and background noise as well as equalizing. The last step was the hardest, matching the frame rate of the Portuguese film (filmed at 24fps) to the timing of the English audio. Put it all together and what you get is the most pristine version you have ever seen of this film. You are truly going to be amazed and will see more detail than you ever have in the past.

Give it a watch here: https://www.retrowdw.com/imageworks/films/project-florida-like-youve-never-seen-it-before-restored-16mm-film/



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Seriously, this video is amazing. It is worth your time!
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