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News Primeval Whirl at Disney's Animal Kingdom experiencing extended downtime


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Out of curiosity now it's seasonal will it keep FP for when it is open or is it likely to be removed now it will only be open at select times?


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This ride looks brutal. Teenagers walk around afterwards like they're elderly folk. Dear Disney pain doesn't equal pleasure... Unless it's in the bedroom and even then you get a safe word.


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I would love to see this area getting replaced by something better, but there were no announcements made at D23. If they were going to do something in the next 2 years, I think it would have been announced then.

Exactly... MK and Epcot are getting additions for the 50th... Epcot isn't due to be finished until the 52/3rd year and DHS probably needs an update before AK so I can't see Dinorama being addressed (even if it is the choice for an AK expansion) until the 55th?


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The Dino Digs play area was a favorite of my kids when they were younger. I would hate to see that going away or not replaced with something similar. Those active areas for kids are so great and they seem to get little attention. They have to be really cheap to build and operate compared to a more traditional ride. My 24 year old misses Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area when we go back.


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Edit: Its "Closed" status ends on New Year's Eve and moves to "Fastpasses not available" on Jan 1.

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