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Thanks for the warm welcome :)

I've actually graduated from both undergrad and graduate schools, so I'm working full time now!
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It seems like yesterday you were going off into the big wide world of being a freshman


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USO has a Latin Dance Street Party. And they pair off two guys and two girls with each other.


The video is in ultra HD if anyone cares to use Windows Magnifier to see the dancers better.

Planning on seeing this show next week at the park after the hurricane rolls out of the state!

Very excited that they debuted something like this during Hispanic Heritage Month, really wish Disney something special like this. (I’m aware they have but it’s just been repackaging what they normally have as an offering )


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Just saw BROS. It is freaking amazing. Run, don’t walk to see it.
Current estimate is $4.7M for the weekend, which at 3,350 screens would make it the worst opening on that many screens for a theatrical only release in the history of cinema. A complete write-off for Universal.
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Just saw BROS. It is freaking amazing. Run, don’t walk to see it.

Run indeed, this may not be in theaters for long. 😐

"The biggest disappointment this weekend came from Universal’s Judd Apatow-produced Bros. The film had a lot going for it, being touted as the first major studio LGBTQ rom-com and winning over both critics (91% on Rotten Tomatoes) and audiences (A CinemaScore) alike. Unfortunately, hardly anyone showed up, with the Billy Eichner-starring film grossing just $4.8 million from 3,350 screens. This is a worse debut than the summer’s sole studio live action comedy Easter Sunday, which had a $5.4 million opening and went on to gross just $13 million. Bros could do better when it’s all said and done with good word of mouth, but it's a dismal opening not just for the $22 million film but for the comedy genre as a whole, which is beginning to look like an endangered species. 10+ years ago, this likely could have done a mid to high teens opening a la director Nicholas Stoller’s earlier films Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek, which both went on to gross $60+ million domestically. Nowadays, comedies are a much tougher sell without major stars and wall to wall special effects in the mix."

- Box Office Mojo

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