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Price range of "additional costs"


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Will be sailing at the end of 2012 on the Fantasy. First time Disney cruise, long time Disney nut :D So that we can plan our funds, what is the average price of add on fees (e.g. sodas at bar, smoothies, alcohol at bar, the adults-only dinners, excursions, spa treatments, etc.) We know room service is free, except for tips, so we will bring plenty of singles. We are also planning on bringing our own bottled water. Thanks!


Congrats on the first cruise, you're going to have an amazing time!! We never strayed from the rotational dining so I'm not sure about the menu prices but I did find that there is a "cover charge" if you will of $20 per person for Remy and $75 plus $99 if you want wine pairings for Palo. The specialty coffees at Vistas Cafe on the Dream were comprable in price to those at Starbucks (I had a yummy frozen capuccino for about $4, if I remember correctly). There is popcorn and soda available at the concession stand at the theater for an extra charge but I'm sorry to say I can't remember how much it was because we didn't purchase. Wow, looking at this it seems I wasn't much help, I'm sorry :( One thing I can tell you is that if you want to purchase a day pass to the spa it was about $16 a day on the Dream and they do have a flat rate if you want to purchase it for the whole voyage. It was nice but I don't think we'll do that again, instead we'll do it one day at a time because there were days we just didn't have time to use it, so much to do!


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Sodas: Free
Smoothies: $3.50~
Cocktails: $4.75 (Drink of day refill price) - $6.50 for most cocktails. Prices can vary depending on the drink but for the most part in the 5-6 dollar range.
Palo: $20/pp
Remy: $75/pp
Excursions: Best to check the disneycruise site for which excursions you'll want to do. Prices are listed and vary wildly.
Spa: Again, a huge list of treatments from hot shaves and haircuts to couples massages and facials. Massages are in the ~$110 dollar range for a single person depending on the type. A single day in the rainforest room (must do!) is only $15/day - $75/wk for unlimited use.
You are allowed to bring your own wine/alcohol on board unlike most cruise lines. If you bring a bottle to dinner there is a nominal corking fee.
No need to bring singles if you dont want - you can charge room service (and all) tips to your room account if you'd prefer to not carry cash.
Gratuity is automatically added to all bar purchases so dont feel the need to tip on every drink (unless you want)


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Shutters! If you purchase any of the pics the roaming photogs take those will set you back a bit. $20/sheet (1-8x10 is a single sheet). You can buy the full cd package with all your pics. For our 3-night Dream cruise it was like $199 or something like that. Longer cruises it costs more.

Also there is the gratuities for your wait staff & room steward. Not sure how long your cruise is or how you feel about prepaying them. I loved prepaying then leaving additional cash as a little bonus according to the service received.



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Since everyone else is covering the specifics, I'll add that I've had a bill as low as $25 when I got off (tips were prepayed) and I've had one as high as $1800 :)eek:).

So how much extra you spend can vary greatly, and is entirely up to you! :)


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Sodas: Free

Just to be clear. Soft drinks at meals (at any of the meals; rotational, buffet, lunch, breakfast, etc) are free.

Soft drinks from the self service drink stations on deck are free (24 hours a day)

Soft drinks from a bar, or from room service are NOT free. $3 or $4 if I recall.



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Also know that all those extra charges have to go on a credit card. Unless they changed it from my cruise, they do not accept cash anywhere on the ship. They'll accept cash tips but you cannot pay for anything with cash.

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