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It is my niece's 21st birthday in a few weeks and I'm looking for something to buy her. She has not yet been to Disney, but wants to go in a few years once she has saved up. She is Uk based.

I'd like the present to be something that'll help her look forward to going one day. I will need to buy it online.

Any suggestions?


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Hi. How about a airline gift card or travel-related gift card? Or perhaps a VISA/MC/AMEX branded gift card she can use towards her trip when the time comes?


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A Pandora Disney charm, especially if she already has the bracelet. If she doesn't, then I guess it depends on how much you're looking to spend.........

Oh, and I'm meaning the Pandora jewellery range, nothing to do with Avatar ....!


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Since she wont be going for a few years, how about a good book about the parks, and I'm not talking about the typical guide book type. There are some good books describing the parks, that have plenty of colorful photos that can give her a view of what she has to look forward to and dream about. Theres is also the Imagineering Field Guide series of books that are written for each of the parks. They give a lot of information not only about each park but how attractions were developed over time. You can never go wrong with giving a good book. ;););)


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