Premium Parking coming to Walt Disney World's parking lots?


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My view of upcharge "opportunities" is always based on whether they take something away from those who don't pay the upcharge. So I don't mind upcharge meals, special events in otherwise empty theaters, after hours events, etc. But this basically means early-arrivers who used to get good spots no longer will unless they are willing to pay. Boo. Don't like it.


What absolute moron of Disney's executive idiot team thought this one up (probable the same idiot that wants the resort fee). Disney would appear to be trying to appeal to once a decade (or less) visitors. People like myself who have been to Disney multiple times over the years will now probably look for other venues to spend our vacation time at. When you appeal to the one percenters, you lose 99 percent of your customer base.

Freaking morons!


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How would this work? If you come late in the day at many of the parks they'll park you right up front--is that going to go away? My goodness, the chiseling Disney is resorting to now. I know Universal already does this, but then, so does Six Flags. Trying to get more money from guests this way is a Six Flags move. Maybe they can offer a premium parking experience where one of the booths is manned by Elsa, then you are pointed into your SpeedparkingTM space by Olaf, and when you return at the end of the day a churro is waiting for you on the hood.


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I'm curious. What would Disney have to do in order to make you NOT agree with something?
There are nearly 10000 things that the've done or could do.
I have a hell of a lot less of a problem with them introducing an overpriced paid VIP parking which some people may pay for (but is not required) than I do them raising the prices on parking wholesale (like they did recently).
Adding paid experiences in which I'm not forced to use and has no bearing on my visit bothers me not at all.


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I wonder how often this would lead to Guest Relations refunds? I can imagine a sales pitch that you need it at the parking booths, only for the first time guest to realize they saved 20 yards in some cases.

Also, does this mean they need CMs in the parking lots until close to ensure people don't park in the premium locations after 7 or 8pm?

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I much prefer them adding up-charge options (such as this) as opposed to forcing upcharges (such as the "resort fee"). Even at the Podunk Six Flags park here in Maryland, they've offered "premium parking" for the past 5 or 6 years and people pay for it, so I'm actually a little surprised that Disney didn't already offer this.


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I don't really see this being advantageous at their most popular park. Regardless of where you leave your car, you're still not "close" to the maingate.

I'm as lazy as the next guy but that's a lot of coin to drop for that convenience. Eh...
I need the exercise.
It is a lot of coin to essentially save 1 minute on the tram.

I'm curious. What would Disney have to do in order to make you NOT agree with something?
He didn't like the last tote bag they sent him after his last 100 post. So I mean...there's that...

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