Predictions! Secret WDC Project — August 22 @ D23


Would someone like to explain how a project that was announced in March is considered secret? This is really ridiculous. Even for Disney this is a new low.

It would've been announced on The Hub for CM's only. Problem is I don't recall ever seeing a notice for it back in March when I worked for the company.

So, secret to the public. Not secret to the CMs they'd be filming for additional profit.


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I think the fact that this thread has me more excited about Brugges than the docu-series, I already can't remember the name of, really sums up this experience perfectly. Good night folks, I'm also available for birthday parties and Bar Mitzvahs.
Yeah. That's all I got out of this thread. But I'm going there now instead of WDW.
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Lol I just opened Instagram before opening this thread and this popped up first in my feed...;

Then I said to myself out loud, "you gotta be kidding me lmao".....and yet here we are now 🤣


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OMG. Hmmmmm was banned!


(sorry if this was already mentioned lmao)

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