Pre-Trip Report: The Top 30 Ways We're Anticipating Our August Trip!

Before we even get to the pre-trip report (which to me, covers our packing and 'night before' type anticipation), I wanted to give a pre-pre-trip report, which starts 31 days prior to our trip.

Prior to every trip Sarah and I take, I make a countdown calendar when we reach roughly the 31 day mark. The purpose of this calendar is two-fold: first, it gets us even more excited about our WDW trip (as if that were possible), and second, it provides us with reminder to condition ourselves for the trip (we each only mark off the days in which we exercise). It's one of those traditions that we both enjoy, and we look forward to the day that we get to post the calendar, because then we know that we are in the final leg "home" for our WDW trip.

Here is the calendar:

On the subject of anticipation, Sarah and I have been counting down the top 30 things we are anticipating most about our summer trip. We call it Sarah and Tom's Walt Disney World Top 30 Must Sees. This countdown will focus on the top 30 things that Sarah and I are looking forward to doing on our August trip to Walt Disney World. Now, since Sarah and I love so many things about Walt Disney World, we are sure to leave off some great things, but if we were able to include all of our favorites, there wouldn't be much point in making the list. Don't worry, in the spirit of any great WDW Countdown, our list will be filled with excitement and corny catch-phrases.

Now, let's get it on!Here we go, starting with number 30:

Round and Round it Goes. On what year it stops, nobody knows! It's Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress.

That's right, the Carousel of Progress. The Carousel of Progress is something Sarah and I invariably do at least 2-3 times per trip. There are a few reasons we just have to re-visit it so many times, none being because we fall asleep during the show. During the day, it's nice to hit in between FastPass waits or when everything else is just plain crowded. Plus, we love the attraction. Besides our love for the quality of the attraction, one of the biggest reasons we visit so many times is because it's an “easy thing to do” at the end of the night on those long days. It gives us a chance to sit down and build up our strength for the grueling After Hours photography sessions. One disappointing thing about the attraction is that it doesn't have a rule on photography—it seems entirely up to the Cast Member giving the spiel as to whether photography is allowed at that particular showing. I think the actual reason photography may not be allowed is because The Walt Disney Company is concerned that foreign spies taking photographs in hopes of duplicating our circa-1990s state of the art virtual reality gaming technology. In any case, Carousel of Progress is a can't miss trip around the century during which your theater becomes your carousel, and your time machine.


Where can you go from viewing Plasticus Mechanicus animals on a cruise in the heart of the jungle to viewing animals in the flesh and blood on a safari in the middle of Africa all in one afternoon? Where can you travel the world all in one afternoon--without a private jet? Only Walt Disney World, of course!

These seemingly crazy "trips" are possible because of what is fondly known as the "Disney Details." If you were going to have a list of the things that make Walt Disney World a truly "Disney" experience, number one on your list would be "magic", and followed closely behind at #2 would be "details." Whether it be in the intentional distressing all around Animal Kingdom or the clever and meticulously placed hidden mickeys throughout the parks, Walt Disney World is rife with details.

It is the attention to details that separates Disney from Six Flags, Cedar Point, and those amusement parks whose principal goal seems only to build the tallest, fastest, or most dangerous (well, maybe not that one!) coaster possible. Where Disney can't beat these parks on barbarian and raw thrills, they can't touch Disney on the minutiae. These details are one thing that Sarah and I are looking forward to the most--the little nuances of the parks, resorts, and 'The World' in general that make visiting Walt Disney World a totally immersive experience. So immersive for us that we don't want to spoil the "theming" so we isolate ourselves from the "real world" as much as possible on our trips (no internet, cars, newspapers, or non-WDW TV). For us, the Disney Details are one of the big things that keeps us coming back, and makes it all come together. Because you can't have the magic until you focus on the Details!


Over at Disney's Hollywood Studios is our next stop, where we have an attraction with as more laughs than one of Fozzi's shows. This is a visionary attraction that has incredible depth. MuppetVision in 3D, to be precise!

MuppetVision 3D is next on the countdown, and Sarah and I cannot wait to experience this again. From its overflow queue (ever seen it?) to the preshow area to the main show itself, MuppetVision has it all! While I generally like the Muppets because I am intriguied both by puppets and by talking cartoon animals, Sarah informs me that the Muppets have a biting comedic wit that is unparalleled. I'm not sure what that means, but I think she's insinuating that they're funny! So to is their attraction. MuppetVision has some excellent depth and gags--and the show building takes "Disney Details" to the next level. Another reason we look forward to the attraction is because it is one of the few things at Disney's Hollywood Studios that doesn't typically have lengthy wait times while we are there. If that isn't enough, the attraction has an orchestra of penguins, and even the Big Cheese himself, Mickey the...Rat...makes an appearance! Its an attraction so undeniably entertaining that even Statler and Waldorf crack a smile! We don't even harbor resentment against Gonzo the Great for lending his voice to annoying Figment (version 3 of the attraction) over in EPCOT.


Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh....and the story of man, and FIREWORKS, too!

What is the only show that tell the epic story of man through pyrotechnics and is narrated by Winnie the Pooh? Only Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. Now, you might be screaming at your computer right about now, saying "you dolts, how do you put one of the most beautiful fireworks shows on property at #27" and let me tell you, the complete, unequivocal answer is Sarah. Yep, Sarah is not a huge fan of Illuminations. I blame her completely (don't worry, there is plenty of finger-pointing towards me that will be done later).

Now enough finger-pointing, why is this show worthy of being in the top 30? Well, you have the elegantly written opening narration (and Winnie blowing out the torches, which is a bona-fide "goosebumps" moment), the beautifully told story of man through music and pyrotechnics, and of course, all of this is set in the perfect location, on World Showcase Lagoon. Out of all of that, for me the score is the best part of the attraction. That score is something I often listen to all by itself. The only thing disappointing about seeing Illuminations this trip is that it won't have the beautiful holiday tag that really makes the ending special.


Take a dip in the 'big blue world' with Nemo and friends at the Animal Kingdom splash hit, Finding Nemo: The Musical.

This one is a no brainer. The production value of this show is second to none, and the incorporation of in-sight human performers who control their underwater counterparts is nothing short of brilliant. Being a tough and masculine male, I don't know a lot about choreography, but there sure are some cool movements in the show. Then of course, there is the best part--the music. We find ourselves singing lines from "Big Blue World" year round. It's my personal favorite attraction at Animal Kingdom and Sarah's second favorite. While the placement in Dinoland USA might seem a little odd, we can only surmise that WDI located it there because of its unbridled awesome-ness; since Dinosaurs are awesome, the two naturally fit together.


When it's time to travel to or from the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, the Ticket and Transportation Center, or your Monorail Resort, don't drive there the old fashioned way, take Walt Disney World's Highway in the Sky--the Monorail!

Everything about the monorail is exciting for us. From having the opportunity to get the best view by riding up front with the driver, to hearing the classic voice of the announcer indicate what we're passing, to just collapsing in a seat, taking a nice reprieve after "closing" EPCOT and heading to the Magic Kingdom at 10 p.m. to enjoy a few hours there. No matter what our reason for riding, our trip hasn't really begun until we've taken a ride on the Walt Disney World Monorail System. Not only does it never get old to ride the monorail, it never gets old to photograph the monorail. That sly monorail is always trying to get the best of me, sneaking around above me in EPCOT, trying to get away before my cat-like reflexes can get my camera ready to fire...and most of the time it wins. Still, trying is half the fun, and every now and then you get one that turns out okay. Oh, and don't forget, "Por favor, mantenganse allejado de las puertas." Loosely translated, I believe that means, "hold on to your hats and glasses 'cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness!"


As you approach EPCOT, what's that on the horizon? No, it's not a golf ball for giants, its SpaceShip Earth.

Arriving at EPCOT in the early morning, and catching that first glimpse of SpaceShip Earth is next on our countdown. Given its weenie status, SSE can be seen prior to entering the park, regardless of how you enter. As the stunning icon draws nearer, you can begin to hear that wonderful entrance medley background music, and hear the Fountain of Nations splash down near the backside of SSE. The wonderful feeling of being there gets to sink in for a little while, as we make our way through bag-check and reconvene inside the park. Then, rather than soaking it up further, we race off to Soarin', grab FastPasses, then get in the standby queue. After riding Soarin', we head back over to the SSE area, which is usually still empty, to enjoy the tranquility of the park a little more. This provides the perfect opportunity to capture some of the typical cliched abstract SSE shots that we all have. With a structure as grand and unique as SSE, you can't help but take pictures of it!


Arriving at your Walt Disney World Resort means stepping into the world of Fantasy for the first time. Whether that fantasy be the tropical air of Polynesia, or ostentatious pop styling, this is the moment when you first escape from reality.

Checking into our resort and arriving at our room comes in at #23. This is our third "Dose of Disney" (see later entries for the first and second), and it is well-deserving of its rank. Whether you're staying in a Deluxe/Villa Resort or a Value, the Resort is where the Disney immersion begins. There is nothing like inserting your key card for the first time, opening the door, scattering your bags, and turning on the Resort TV and cranking up the volume. Aside from the obvious benefits of Extra Magic Hours and Disney Magical Express, staying in a Disney Resort is essential for us because of this exquisite theming. As two people who try to avoid reality as much as we can, the last thing we want on our trip is to stay in a "regular" hotel, watch "regular" TV, and simply be in the "regular" world. Arriving at our resort is arriving at our true home, and it always kicks the vacation into high gear.


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After spending a day with your family in the hot Florida weather, there is nothing quite like blasting the pants off of your loved ones, figuratively, in one of Walt Disney World's competitive interactive attractions.

Next on our countdown is winning at Walt Disney World. Some people will tell you that winning isn’t everything or that the only important thing is that you have fun. They’re wrong. They are right about having fun being the important thing, but the thing about that is that winning is the fun thing. When Sarah and I are on one of the two "Toy Story" competitive attractions, we take this to new levels. Given that we are two incredibly competitive people, we both are very intense in our efforts to defeat the other. So much so, that the objective is to annihilate one another. Sarah is especially bad about this. She treats it as a personal coup when she wins, and with a piranha-like attitude, she makes it abundantly clear that I failed. But hey, sometimes your domination rises to such a great extent that you are able to let your opponent continue to play, while you snap some pictures on the attraction...


...And as you pass through that glorious entrance for the first time, the muted colors of reality instantly begin to POP and you begin to feel the energy, exuberance, and childhood elation of the World of Fantasy, of Walt Disney World!

Passing through the main entrance to Walt Disney World is so exciting for Sarah and I that we now take a chauffeur to WDW, because each time we would attempt to drive ourselves through the gates on past trips, we would become so overjoyed that we would cause multi-car pile-ups. Seriously, it was becoming too much. Passing through the main entrance to Walt Disney World is the second "Dose of Disney" on our trip. Riding through the gates on our chauffeur, Disney's Magical Express definitely is the way to do it, for us, too. We get to enter Disney while on Disney (perplexing?!), as we watch the humorous video explaining our trip (although it has always concerned me that the Grand Floridian Cast Member would inform Captain Hook that Peter Pan is staying at the Resort. I guess that justifies my use of the alias of J. Peterman whenever I travel).

For me, it is the time when the excitement comes to a boil, and I begin taking awful pictures of everything I see, filled with the excitement of being there, and totally oblivious to the fact that pictures through a dirty window on a bus moving 60 mph may not be the best. Sarah is similarly happy, inquisitively peering out the windows to catch her first glimpses of the Parks, Resorts, and everything else that is "WDW". Yep, there is nothing quite like being in the front seat, hearing the DME video, and passing through those gates--Plus, it has really helped with our car insurance premiums!


Over at EPCOT, earth, wind, and fire are more than just a washed up rock band in The Land pavilion. There, you can feel the wind behind you as you glide along the clouds on Soarin', you can learn about man's interaction with the earth on Living with the Land, and you can indulge in delicious foods prepared by the fire of the grill at Sunshine Seasons and Garden Grill.

The Land comes in at what might be a surprising number for many, but for us it is a great "sleeper" pick that doesn't get enough attention. To us, The Land is the most complete pavilion at EPCOT. It offers an educational ride, a thrilling E-Ticket experience, and a delicious character meal situated in a rotating restaurant overlooking show scenes from Living with the Land, among other things. It is the pavilion to which we race first thing in the morning now, thanks to Soarin', and its theming both outside and in remind us of the original EPCOT Center. In addition to the attractions, we love the details of the pavilion. From the intricate "The Land" sign out front, to the mosaic tiles near the entryway, to the balloons that float overhead in the main atrium. Whenever we enter the pavilion, we cannot help but bust into a duo of "Veggie, Veggie," "Fruit, Fruit" and of course the venerable and comic rendition of "A Hungry Fox...." People may give us strange looks for singing seemingly random tunes at the tops of our lungs, but hey, it's all in good fun!


Early to rise? Why not head over to the Magic Kingdom, where you can participate in the "E-Ticket Dash" each morning at the park's Rope Drop! Just be sure to wear a helmet...

The Welcome Show ends, and the turnstyles begin flowing. You insert your ticket, press your thumb to the biometric scanner. Nothing. You quickly insert your ticket again, mindful of the individuals to your left and right who are slowly trickling in before you. Bingo. As you walk briskly onto Main Street, you hear the area music, and see the beautiful Castle looming in the distance. You get chills. You stop briefly to take it all in, smelling that sweet magic in the air. As you snap a couple of photos, you realize you must hurry along if you want to be there first. Stiff-arm that tall lanky dog ("Aww, Schucks" he says as you speed past him).

The other "dashers" are heading the same way as you. Luckily, you've been training for this all summer, and are in peak Disney-shape. Juke to the left past a dad frantically pushing a stroller, yelling "WHERE IS DUMBO?!" You're in the clear. As you distance yourself from the bulk of the crowds, you enter Frontierland. Dart to the right, where you enter the boardwalk. Don't walk too quickly now, the planks are still damp from last night's powerwash. Now you see no other guests, and only a few Cast Members. Your heart rate rises even further, as you soak in the atmosphere together. Then you look up seeing the Twin Peaks of Frontierland as you hear the delightful instrumental twang of "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" play in the background. You've arrived. Now, which to ride first?!

Such are the typical thoughts racing through our heads when Sarah and I enter the Magic Kingdom on a typical morning (well, perhaps with just a smidge of dramatic embellishment). Starting out the teens in our Top 30 countdown is racing through Frontierland at rope drop. The Magic Kingdom definitely has the best atmosphere at rope drop, and for those reasons described above, Frontierland is our favorite place to be right as the park opens. It's an experience that has few rivals, and one we look forward to greatly!


What's the best way to get to an Aerosmith concert? Find out over at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Tired after the show? VIP guests of Aerosmith stay at the luxurious Hollywood Tower Hotel, within walking distance of the concert venue. Free continental breakfast included (that is, if the dude next to you volunteers a protein spill on your lap!)

The cornerstone attractions of Disney's Hollywood Studios are Rock 'n' Rollercoaster and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Our touring strategy has shifted a bit since the introduction of Toy Story Mania, but our favorite early morning attractions at the Studios are still Tower of Terror and RnRC. You just can't beat that mist as you approach the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Apart from its exceptional Disney Details, Tower of Terror is also a personal favorite for me due to my affection for the show The Twilight Zone. As I was growing up, I watched Twilight Zone every day of the summer at noon and 11 p.m. on the Sci Fi channel. With the exception of a few of the hour long episodes, I have seen every episode of the show (my favorite episode is "The Howling Man" for those fans who are curious). As a fan, I really appreciate the details in the attraction from various episode, which are especially prominent as your elevator returns to its shaft and you exit. If you've never been a fan of the Twilight Zone, it might be worth it to watch some episodes just to appreciate all of the details in the attraction!

Like any true red-blooded American, I like rock and roll music (sorry Toby Keith and Nelly fans, country and rap are lame). Within that genre, Aerosmith is a mainstay, and hearing that sweet beat to Walk This Way pumps me up every time. Although Twilight Zone is too scary for Sarah, like my brave little trooper, she goes on Tower of Terror with me--and loves it--but Rock 'n' Rollercoaster is truly her attraction. She also is a good American, and thus is an Aerosmith fan. Rock 'n' Rollercoaster, as she says, "gets her in the zone" for the long day ahead. Like with so many previous attractions we've listed on the countdown, both of these also inspire us to break into spontaneous, and terribly off-beat, humming and jamming, and they always energize us for the long day ahead. I swear we aren't actually as obnoxious as we come across here.


Need a lift from the airport? Let the Mouse get you there in style as you board the fastest and longest attraction in all of Walt Disney World, Disney's Magical Express!

Sarah and I have some pre-Disney rituals. We always get McDonald's breakfast at the airport before departing (by the way, regardless of what any "documentary" might tell you, McDonald's will not make you fat. Eating irresponsibly and not exercising will likely make you fat). We always are accompanied by a plush Figment, who poses for various odd shots at the airport. We always fly Southwest. Due to Sarah's fear about missing our flight, we always arrive at the airport far too early, but thanks to that, we always get the front seats on the plane. We always look at the pictures in my collection of old WDW books.

However, our biggest tradition is the dash off the plane to get to Disney's Magical Express counter, our first Dose of Disney on the trip. Invariably, we take a wrong turn, and end up losing some time on the dash, but it is still loaded with fun. When we get to the DME counter, the excitement of everyone is palpable. There is nothing quite like being surrounded by a group of people on the verge of vacationing at the happiest place on earth. The only thing I can imagine of quite the same level of anticipation would be right before dinner with Santa Claus, Thomas Jefferson, Captain Planet, Ronald Reagan, and Christopher Walken. Given the ultra-high level of anticipation, waiting in that line for our DME bus to arrive is probably the most unbearable wait in the world. Each second feels like an eternity as the second-hand of the clock slowly pulses along. When the bus finally arrives, we explode. We enter the bus, sit back in those magical seats, and anxiously await the start of the informative DME video. The bus starts, the video rolls, and our vacation truly begins. Pure magic.


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Visit EPCOT Center's World Showcase, the only place, outside of the World of DeLoreans and XS-Tech, where you can go from Mexico to Norway in less time than it takes to eat a churro!

Night time is our time at Walt Disney World. It's our favorite time of day in all of the parks, except Animal Kingdom, which we have yet to experience at night. Although we enjoy morning as well, night time in the parks thrashes the a.m. in just about every conceivable way. The lighting is brilliant, the mood peaceful, and did I mention the lighting?! It's actually quite interesting (at least to us) that we stay out so late in the evenings, as we are usually in bed by 10 p.m. every other night. Yet, somehow at WDW, we can manage finally making it to bed at 4:30 a.m. or so.

Among our many favorite places to be within WDW at night, EPCOT's World Showcase ranks highly. It is gorgeous during the day, but at night it takes on a whole new look and feeling. The lights really make the place come alive. All of the ornate lighting fixtures within the countries look wonderful, and the view across World Showcase Lagoon of SpaceShip Earth, decked out with its "Siemens" lasers, great as well. World Showcase also makes for some amazing photographic opportunities at night. Overall, EPCOT is one of the toughest parks to photograph at night. Not because any of the pavilions present any unique challenges (except Mexico), but because of the dynamic of the park. Most everyone in EPCOT at night watches Illuminations, or is otherwise in WS for the close of the park. This means that when Illuminations ends, we still have to contend with groups of people before we can begin taking any worthwhile pictures (for those unaware, I don't like people in my night shots). By the time we are done in World Showcase, areas of Future World have been roped off, as Cast Members have already swept those areas. Still, so long as we get to enjoy that great World Showcase experience, we are satisfied!


Don’t understand the myriad options of the Magic Your Way Tickets? Have a ton of money to waste? Don’t care to learn the best way to maximize your ticket options? Then just buy a Disney Annual Pass, regardless of your length of stay, and let the worries and options melt away!

Man’s first steps on the moon. Women’s suffrage. Ronald Reagan’s Presidency. The bombing of Pearl Harbor. The Wall Street Crash of 1929. Tom and Sarah getting their first Walt Disney World Annual Passes. All are near-equals as historic events. All have, or will, change society forever. While getting annual passes in and of itself may not be the most exciting moment, it is certainly a historic moment for us, and a rite of passage of sorts (plus, you damn well better believe it’s being "anticipated" given the $786, or more, depending on the veracity of the ticket price increase rumors, it will eat from my bank account). Since we will be taking no less than three WDW trips in the next calendar year, purchasing Annual Passes this trip is the most cost-effective option for us to enjoy the parks right now.

It also changes the dynamic of the vacation, and therein lies the real anticipation. For our past two summer trips, Sarah and I have conservatively used 10 day no-expiration tickets (we actually have used these tickets for our past four trips, along with our Cast Member friend’s free entries). In doing so, we have spent some days at the water parks, followed by evenings at Pleasure Island, Resort Restaurants, and Downtown Disney. We have even taken tours of the Resorts while awaiting the 4 p.m. entry time for the Pirates and Princess Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party so as to avoid using any days of the passes unnecessarily. I like that style of touring, mixed with our normal, aggressively long days when we are in the parks.

However, that changes for this trip. For a couple reasons (staying at a Value Resort, no discounted Disney Dining Plan, having APs), we will be approaching this tripwith a touring plan that involves starting the day at the morning EMH park, and finishing the day at the evening EMH park. With the exception of a possible trip over to the Polynesian early one morning, and a dinner or two at a non-Counter Service Restaurant, this trip will be all parks, all the time. Something tells me I won’t mind too much...


Our next stop couldn’t be wilder. It’s the American Frontier–Disney Style! Drop in at night, when the music is a’rockin’ and the trains are ’runnin’ wild.

We may have raved about Frontierland being the place to be in the morning when the park first opens, but Frontierland in the morning is nothing when compared to Frontierland at night. This is for many of the same reasons–the background music, that tranquility, and those two crazy mountains looming at the back of the land–but now you also have a totally new experience. Picture this: you enter Frontierland and head to the boardwalk, just like the morning. Except this time, something catches your attention to your right. Your jaw drops as you gaze at two Liberty Belles–one upside down and underneath the other! As you do a double-take, you realize you’re actually seeing the crystal-clear reflection of the Liberty Belle, lit up in all of its glory, from the best vantage point in the park.

You head along, making your way deeper into Frontierland. As you pass the Country Bear Jamboree, you see Grizzly Hall lit up for the evening, as the soft twang of the area music envelopes your ears. Continuing along past Peco’s Bills (Cosmic Ray’s little brother), you head along the short-cut walkway towards Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. As you pass by Splash Mountain, empty flume logs descend chick-a-pin hill as the on-ride flash documents their journeys. You can almost still hear the screams from earlier in the day as the logs crash to the briar patch. Finally, you arrive at Big Thunder, for a wild ride around one of the Magic Kingdom’s best after-dark attractions. After being whipped around in the brisk nighttime air, you’ll realize why those Splash Mountain logs were mostly empty. Never being able to resist those delightful Brer Critters, you’ll find out for yourself firsthand in a minute. Yessiree, Frontierland is one of the best places to be on property when the sun goes down, and is something we are greatly anticipating experiencing!


On your way out of the Magic Kingdom, don't forget to stop at the Emporium, where you can finish off that stack of Travelers Cheques. Better yet, stop off at the Art of Disney, where you'll need to take out a second mortgage just to walk through the doors!

Okay, I will admit it. Sarah and I are avid pin traders. We love it. Much like Disney Vacation Club, we know the hobby takes some heat from the die-hard crowd, but I honestly think a lot of that animosity just comes from the old attitude that "if you haven't tried something, why not just arbitrarily hate it?!" Pin trading has caused us to interact with more Cast Members than we ever did prior to trading, we've had more fun hunting "rare" pins than hidden mickeys, and it even got us selected as the "family" of the day in the Jammin' Jungle Parade last August! Moreover, I have found that pin designs are by far the most unique merchandise in all of WDW (extinct attractions, attraction anniversaries, rare characters, you name it!) If you do it right, it's an incredibly cheap hobby, and it provides you with cheap souvenirs, especially in comparison to those costly and large Big Figs I had been collecting.

Aside from pin trading, we anticipate this trip (we mostly being Tom) as Walt Disney World represents our grown up "Toys R Us". Unfortunately, I just cannot restrain myself sometimes. In addition to my Figment collection, I buy just about anything that piques my curiosity. Sarah can attest to this, I have boxes upon boxes (we have storage rooms reminiscent of Citizen Kane or Raiders of the Lost Ark) bursting with Disney items that are just waiting to be unleashed, much to Sarah's dismay, upon our future home. In this regard, especially, pin trading has been a good hobby, as our entire collection can be condensed into just a shoe box! If that isn't enough reason to give it a try, just remember, the BAH would block your view of Grauman's regardless of whether it were a pin booth. So next time you're there, let your guard down, and give it a whirl. What's the worst that could happen? You might like it and, gasp, lose some of your Disney street cred? Phhh, you're already a geek (you do like Disney, after all). Embrace it.


What do you get when you mix a Royal Castle, pyrotechnics, and a slammin’ soundtrack from the best Disney classics? How about Wishes, one of the most eye catchin', ear poppin', awe inspirin’ night time show you’ll ever see!

Wishes reigns supreme as our most anticipated nighttime show at Walt Disney World. This is Sarah’s decisive favorite of the nighttime shows (not including nighttime parades) because it wholly embodies Disney. She loves the wonderful soundtrack and narration, the beautiful pyrotechnics, and of course Cinderella Castle there to frame it all. Taking all of this in while surrounded by the Disney magic on Main Street, USA, certainly doesn’t hurt, either. About the only thing Sarah doesn’t like about Wishes!is that bittersweet feeling she gets when it ends on the last night of our trip, and we both realize that the trip is nearing its conclusion.

I love Wishes for many of the same reasons. The soundtrack reminds me of classic Disney (by classic Disney, I mean the time during which I grew up. No other generation can compete with the children of the early 90s (and 1989), with our Disney Afternoon and incredible string of features from Little Mermaid to The Lion King) and I can’t help but get choked up when I gaze around at my surroundings and the beautiful woman beside me, and think, "this is what ‘magic’ is." When looking back at all of the wonderful memories I have relating to Wishes, from booking it from one side of the park to Main Street for the proper ‘framing’ to the not-so-fond memory of almost losing a memory card during the show, I can’t help but smile. I will always love the uniqueness and rife storytelling power of Illuminations, but at the end of the time, side-by-side, Wishes! trumps


Want to meet the Big Cheese himself? Head on over to the Judge's Tent in ToonTown, where you can thank Disney's founder, Mickey Mouse, in person for building such a nice Vacation Kingdom!

Sarah and I are character hunters. When we're in the parks, regardless of the schedule, plan, or anticipated destination, and we see a rare character, we scream with joy, and sprint towards them. Some of our best finds have been Marie, Prince John, and Spacesuit Goofy and Mickey. Still, we have not hit the mother lode, which we consider to be the classic characters from Disney Afternoon (Darkwing Duck, Launchpad, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers style, etc.) Hopefully, this is the trip for that. Character meals are another favorite of ours, where we are allowed greater interaction and more time to play with the characters (although we're generally in the minority being child-less parties at these meals). Basically, anything that involves characters is high on our list of must do activities.

In the past, this joy has been confined to getting our pictures with the characters. This trip, after seeing the many great character portraits around here, I'm going to try my hand at Character Portraits (I don't know how I never thought to do this in the past, but I have never taken a portrait shot of any character). I may not be able to replicate the work of some folks around here, but it should be fun to try while waiting in line, at the very least. Sarah almost took her love for characters to the next level this summer, when she contemplated becoming 'friends' with one of them. Unfortunately, that she chose a different route for the summer, but that just goes to show our enthusiasm for these furry (and not so furry) guys! So if you're in the Magic Kingdom August 12-18, and you hear jubilant screams of "OH MY GOD, IT'S DARKWING DUCK!!!" and see blurs of people dart past you, we're in the area.


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Into the top 10!


When you get hungry at Walt Disney World, step into one of our many great dining establishments. There, you'll be given the royal treatment, with cuisine that is anything but your ordinary amusement park fare, and in environments ranging from prehistoric earth to the under-sea!

Like any good Americans, we love to eat. Going to a nice restaurant has always been an experience for us, and eating at the fine dining establishments at Walt Disney World is no different. While we typically eat at one table service restaurant per day of our trip, we usually make sure to eat at one signature restaurant per trip, and dress in business/business causal attire for that meal. Unfortunately due to recent big ticket expenditures, the ambitious prospect of a table service meal per day likely will not be realized (admittedly, were this list to be compiled today, this would not be in the top 10 'most anticipated' for our current trip), but we will still make an effort to take in a table service experience or two.

When I say experience, I do mean experience. With the exception of the signature restaurants, I have not recently really been overwhelmed by any of the food at the parks. However, that is not the determining factor as to whether the restaurant is good to us. It's all about the ambiance. For this reason, restaurants such as Garden Grill, 50s Prime Time Cafe, and Coral Reef rate highly with us. Maybe it's just us, but we believe everything should have a story or little subplot, and this aspect of Disney Details has rubbed off to our personal lives so much that we have concocted intricate storylines for our pets (although I doubt anyone cares, our cat convinced our dog that paper clips are a currency, and now the dog attempts to charge us inflated amounts for menial services). We also enjoy dining because it gives us the excuse to visit resorts at which we are not staying. I mean, who really can pass up the chance to take a nice little tour around the Polynesian?!


Got a hankering for a dinner show but don’t want to splurge on Spirit of Aloha or Hoop De Doo Revue? Stop into Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, one of the highest volume restaurants in the world, for a far-out show that will really blow you away!

This one might come as a shocker to some of you, but if you’re familiar with my photostream, it really shouldn’t. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café is the best restaurant in the world. Not just Walt Disney World, not just Florida, not just in the United States. In the world. Period. Why, you might ask? Consider this: you get a bacon double cheeseburger and fries for about $8. Okay, maybe that’s a fairly average price. But wait, you also get unlimited lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, relish, green peppers, mushrooms, grilled onions, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and cheese sauce.

Oh yeah, and there’s an alien from Yew Nork on the planet Zork who performs a wonderful collection of songs all day from opening to close at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café. In addition to playing songs about everything from his (weak) pay at Ray’s to his home planet, to even performing a beautiful little ballad for his eight-eyed girl, Sonny also cracks jokes to entertain the audience. Sonny Eclipse is without a doubt, the main draw for us at
Cosmic Ray’s (although I actually do love their burgers, too). I love his character and his performance so much that his full show (all 26 minutes of it) is near the top of my “most played” list in iTunes. With delicious and colossal burgers that are fully customizable at a decent price, a location in Tomorrowland of the Magic Kingdom, and with an off-planet performer there to entertain, it is no surprise that Cosmic Ray's is the best restaurant in the world!

We also look forward to Cosmic Ray’s because it is a near-nightly caffeine “pit stop” for us during Evening Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom. Oddly, they are very few other people getting 32 ounce Coca Colas at 1:30 a.m., so we usually have our pick of the best seats, which gives us the chance to sit at the “Sonny Eclipse Table” booths (best seats in the house). Yep, nothing quite compares to sitting next to your two-eyed love, scarfing down a burger with a very liberal heaping of toppings, and listening to a hilarious alien sing lovely tunes and wise-crack in a restaurant all to yourself right in the heart of the Magic Kingdom. It doesn’t get any better than that, and I can’t wait to be there in less than 10 days!


If it’s treasure ye seek, head on over to Pirates of the Caribbean, where you can captain your own ship ‘tween the midst of a fierce sea battle, upon ports o’ danger and adventure, and lastly, to Cap’n Jack’s storied lair o’ treasures.

The topic of Walt Disney World’s best attractions at night is one that often comes up in the fan community. As our stance is that just about everything is better at night, we enjoy these discussions, although we have our own favorites. One such favorite, and a seemingly odd pick, is Pirates of the Caribbean. An indoor attraction as one of the ‘best at night’? It’s not as much of a head scratcher as it may seem.

The experience, and this all is part of the experience, begins before you even enter the queue. As you enter Adventureland, you go past Aloha Isle. Since it’s still somewhat balmy out, you pick up a Dole Whip Float, which is really the only logical thing to do any time you pass Aloha Isle (although it could prove costly and fattening if you pass through this area often). Although Dole Whips are good, they are the perfect night time treat because at night, they do not melt so quickly. With Dole Whip in hand, you venture deeper into Adventureland. As you round a corner, you see a skeleton peering at you from a crow’s nest, perfectly illuminated. You also begin to hear the familiar Dun Dun Dun Da-Nun Nun-Nun Nun-Nun-Nun-Nun from the movies bearing the attraction’s name. With the crowds really having dissipated compared to earlier in the day, you really can take a moment to take it all in, actually hear the music, and prepare to be immersed in the maritime adventures of your favorite pirates.

When entering the queue, we often find that the right side of the queue has far fewer people in it (although usually there isn’t much of a wait for either side The only thing that I think might explain this is that it’s not completely apparent that both sides are queues, unless you see people walking into the queue in front of you). The transition from the dark sky outside to the dark sky inside is perfect, and in my opinion (and I’m probably the only one), it really helps you experience the attraction better. It’s entirely plausible that I merely walked through a building front and boarded a boat that took me to sea (because, you know, the transition from light to dark during the day is what otherwise presents it from being plausible!). Another aspect of Pirates at night that makes this highly anticipated is the calming, somewhat empty nature of the attraction at night. I know after about twelve hours in the hot Florida sun, Pirates is one of those attractions we really enjoy. Soon, we will be setting sail to the Caribbean once more!


Looking for something to do when the sun goes down? Join SpectroMickey in the Magic Kingdom, as he gathers magic from all corners of the park to help produce the SpectroMagic parade. Your eyes and ears won’t believe the million points of musical light!

While some may think SpectroMagic is the perfect way to end a day at the Magic Kingdom, for us it has often been the perfect way to start a night. Many a time have we timed our days so that we arrive at the Magic Kingdom from another park in time for the second performance of SpectroMagic. Invariably, we arrive a little later than the time called for by our schedules, and as we race towards the entrance hearing that (poor musical beats omitted for the readers’ sake), we know we need to hurry to get our spots. Through baggage check, through the turnstiles, into the Emporium to avoid the crowds and make our way to Liberty Square before the parade starts there.

Of course, this is not the best method to enjoy the parade nor is it how we usually do it. Reasonable minds may vary on the best location, but one of our favorites has always been by the Liberty Square bridge. Arriving thirty minutes early, we love watching (but can’t say we’re all that wild about waiting when we think about how we could be getting in another ride on Haunted Mansion!) The kids playing out in the streets, as the streets slowly empty, and the glow toy carts begin to appear. We eavesdrop on the conversations around us, hearing tots tell of their bravery for flying with Dumbo and the young-at-heart reminisce of their experiences in Walt Disney World when only Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Center existed.

Then, that chills-inducing voice of Jiminy Cricket ruminates throughout the park, as he informs that SpectroMagic will begin in 20, then 10, then 5 minutes. As he finally blows out the park lights, the excitement is at a fever pitch. We barely comprehend what’s going on in all of our excitement, seeing only streaks of color as our ears are inundated by the delightful melodies of the parade. Everyone gets a rush from something different, but I think it’s fair to say that Sarah and I are SpectroMagic! addicts. I can’t wait for next week, when, after 8 plus long months, we will finally get our fix.


Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom, the place where you step into the past’s future as you join the Tomorrowland Metro-Retro Historical Society for a glimpse into the future that never was.

For Tomorrowland to rank so highly on this list despite two of its all-stars being under the knife during our trip, it must have some really powerful draw to compensate. That powerful draw is Tomorrowland after-dark. No part of any park transforms as much as Tomorrowland does after the sun goes down. The atmosphere of the land is almost unexplainable. I’ll try, anyway.

Some may attribute it to the neon and the flashing lights, but it isn’t just that. I think another aspect is the views offered from Tomorrowland of other aspects of the park, and the qualities the attractions (well, now only Astro Orbiter) take on at night. There there also is the intangible: that feeling that night is "just better" in Tomorrowland. The area music, which is the best area music anywhere, sounds better; the ice cream tastes better; the snacks from the Lunching Pad taste better; and of course the views look better. The views are the obvious part. The Avenue of the Planets looks great from the bridge to Tomorrowland, the neon lines that criss-cross the land are a beauty, and the steel palms captivate. Even without those two heavy hitters, Carousel of Progress, Buzz, and the general ambiance of Tomorrowland at night more than compensate, making Tomorrowland at night one of our premiere destinations next week!


In historic Williamsburg, you can join your host for a walking tour of many colonial mansions. In WALT DISNEY WORLD, you can join your GHOST HOST for a DOOMBUGGIE tour of a HAUNTED MANSION. Think you can handle the chills? Then step right inside, they’re dying to meet you!

Like a fine wine, the Haunted Mansion keeps getting better with age. It has long been a favorite of both Sarah’s and mine, and this keeps being reinforced as both the Mansion and our trips evolve. The first evolution, that of the Mansion when it went down for refurbishment in 2007, hardly needs to be discussed further. The results were stunning, and brought new ‘life’ to an already stellar attraction.

As for us, with its subtleties and attention to detail, the Haunted Mansion offers great potential for re-rideability. We also love the omni-mover dark ride attractions, which tell a story unlike thrill rides. For me, there is the added dimension of capturing photographs of those elusive scenes in the Haunted Mansion. While I think I have done that reasonably well for a scene or two, many still elude me.

This trip will offer a new challenges, as I join the manual focus club to try to catch the Caretaker scene (among others), which will hopefully be aided by my new (at least since last trip) camera’s high ISO capabilities. For Sarah, the Mansion is the epitome of Imagineering at its best. Great soundtrack, detailed and layered visuals, a foreboding exterior, and of course, Cast Members who add further dimension to an already rich attraction. To say that the Haunted Mansion has it all would be an understatement. It’s one of, if not the, best attractions at Walt Disney World.


Look at those twinkling...white...lights...where could we be? We’re walking right down the middle of Main Street, USA, where the heartbeat of a holiday is waiting for you. C’mon and join us!

We honestly don’t spend a whole lot of time on Main Street at night–at least, not while the park is open. Unless it’s the Christmas season, there isn’t a whole lot that draws us there (though we do enjoy the morning shows and shopping there in the afternoon) with the large exceptions of Wishes! and SpectroMagic! However, the time we spend there after the park closes is special enough to us to catapult Main St, USA at night into the top 10. While I don’t want to tip my hand regarding any trade secrets of approaching the parks After Hours, simple intuition reveals that this is the place where we finish off every night.

Since that much is obvious, here’s a loose recital of how our nights on Main Street usually go. We enter from Liberty Square, stopping to get an image at the Kodak Picture Spot there. As we continue, child-like mesmerization sets in, as we gawk at the Castle. We usually linger in the Hub area for around twenty minutes or longer, depending upon how long it takes everyone else to clear out. We then make our way up the street at a rate of about 50 feet every 5 minutes. With this slower-than-a-turtle pace, we really soak in all of the magic, and there truly are few places and times with more magic than Main St, USA after it has emptied. Depending upon our hunger, and whether the dedicated Cast Members inside still have the shop open, we stop into Casey’s for an early hot dog breakfast.

As we approach the clock about halfway down Main St, we are closely shadowed by a sweeper who ensures that we don’t wildly venture back deeper into the park. We stop there for some pictures, wanting to document just how resilient we were in making it from park opening to close. Hand-in-hand, we continue towards the flag pole and the Roy and Minnie bench. By this point, we usually encounter more guests, so our sweeper relents, giving us the opportunity to head up into the Train Station, sit, and relax without worrying about being able to head back towards Roy and Minnie for more pictures. Finally, we exit the parks and head towards the bus stops, where we pick from about 20 different empty buses, all waiting for us. Now I’ll bet THAT’S something most Disney guests never see, and it’s something I can’t wait to see in a few days!


Do you know three of the most-photographed icons in the world reside in Walt Disney World? Yep, it is the epitome of a metropolis of photographic fun!

Disney Photography isn't so much a "Must See" as it is a "Must Do". It's apt for it to rate so highly, as it really encompasses everything at Disney (much like the actual Top 7). A focus on photography would have to be the most recent evolution in our Disney trips. Living in Indiana, there is not a whole lot of compelling subject matter. Walt Disney World is a wholly different place. Everything in 'the World' just screams 'photograph me'. I often get messages asking how I get some of these shots (pure luck), whether I work for Disney (I don't), and if not, whether Disney charges people to take pictures in the parks after they close ($450/night). Without getting too deep into any trade secrets I may have, our strategy is quite simple: start at the deepest part of the park (Big Thunder for Magic Kingdom, American Adventure for EPCOT, and Toy Story Mania at the Studios), enter an attraction 1 minute prior to the park closing, exit the attraction approximately 15 minutes after closing (much longer if at TSM), and begin taking pictures. Although this is probably contrary to what most folks do, I aim for quantity over quality.

Each picture has a set-up time of about 10 seconds, and if I don't get it right the first time, unless it's something I really want, I don't get it right at all. After the first static picture, I take one of Sarah and I. In the past, after I take the picture of us, I run ahead to the next destination, set up, and take the not-of-us shot prior to Sarah arriving. That would explain the disshelved look I have in this image. During this process, we usually have a Cast Member "sweeper" closely trailing us, making sure we don't go deeper into the park. When we're all done, we exit the park, walk toward the many idling buses, and (typically) a driver approaches us and asks if we want to take his bus back to our resort. This trip, our strategy will change as Sarah will be armed with her own DSLR and tripod. She is non-committal right now regarding posting her images here, but I'm sure with enough encouragement from you all, and chiding from me, she will post them.

One of our goals for this trip is to vary that a bit, and rather than just having pictures of us in front of these attractions, we are going to go for more portrait shots that may not frame the attractions as well, but will have little "glimpses" of Disney. I do like the landscape style shots "prove" we were at all of these locations, but we have a lot of those, and trying something new will be nice. Plus, we need pictures for our wedding slideshow, and I have been told that those images should focus on us, rather than Disney. Crazy idea, but you know, weddings are crazy creatures. The new plan will make things even more hectic for those After Hours shots, but I think we are prepared for it. It has become something we love to do, and something we can't wait to get back to. So if you're a Cast Member and you see two people racing around getting pictures next week after everyone else is gone, say hello!


"Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, on behalf of everyone here at the Magic Kingdom, we thank you for joining us today for a magic gathering of family, friends, fun, and fantasy. We hope your magical journey with us has created wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Walt Disney said that the Magic Kingdom is a world of imagination, hopes, and dreams. In this timeless land of enchantment, magic and make believe are reborn, and fairy tales come true. The Magic Kingdom is a place for the young and the young at heart. A special place where when you wish upon a star, your dreams can come true. Until we see you again, have a safe trip home. Thank you, and goodnight."

I think it is safe to say that for something that lasts only about one minute to be one of the most anticipated experiences at Walt Disney World, it must be pretty special. I think it really goes without saying that for that thing to be the second most anticipated experience at Walt Disney World, especially given the myriad of amazing sights, sounds, tastes, etc., it must be out-of-this-world, jawdroppingly, insert string of adjectives here, amazing. Such is the Kiss Goodnight, the nightly Castle show that occurs thirty minutes after the Magic Kingdom closes (then again an hour after).

The Kiss Goodnight is the proverbial Icing on the Cake (Castle!) for us. After a long day in the parks, we can't help but just stop and watch the Kiss Goodnight, completely frozen and unable to move. For us, the combination of the beautiful light display and hearing about the meaning Walt wanted the parks to have for guests does it every time. We both get choked up. Being in an almost-deserted park as the ‘young at heart’ during Walt’s favorite time of day, we can’t help but think of his influence, and how special it is to walk where he once walked and see what he once saw (somewhat figuratively since he never walked the physical lands at the MK) and take it all in. The Kiss Goodnight demonstrates what makes the place inherently special and transcendent of the concept of a "Theme Park" (Sarah cringes when she hears people call WDW a theme park, as that phrase truly doesn't do justice to what the parks are). Simply put, the Kiss Goodnight concisely states and embodies the Magic of Disney.

So, for those of you who have never heard the Kiss Goodnight, I strongly encourage making a trip over to YouTube right away. As with so many things WDW, video hardly does it justice. So once you have the chance to watch the video, you might also want to make a trip over to the Magic Kingdom right away. I know most of you don’t need an excuse to head off to the World, but that is a great one, just in case you do!


...Because after all, home really is where the heart is.

I think it goes without saying that the countdown is starting to get serious now. It seems we have covered so much, yet omitted so many great things as well, what could possibly be number one? Well, it’s such a simple concept, yet one we all too often take for granted. That magical time we get to spend together, enjoying the parks in the presence of the one we love, sharing that infectious joy they may have for one thing or another, or just being filled with happiness when we see a smile spread across one another’s face. It’s a magic that is both enhanced by Walt Disney World, and so much greater than Walt Disney World, at the same time.

Some people prefer solo trips, some people prefer huge family gatherings, or meeting up with a lot of friends during the trips. While all of these styles of experiencing WDW have their own allure, right now the style that suits us the best is undoubtedly spending time with one another, taking in those magical moments as we discuss, reminisce upon, and just plain laugh like children as we share our experiences there together.

Although this has always held the number one position on the Top Thirty Countdown, we had an experience today that you never really expect to happen, but that made me appreciate how we often take for granted these trips with one another, and how important it is to spend time with one another on the trip. When I awoke this morning, I discovered Sarah was unable to go to work, as she had a fever. I was concerned the entire morning, worried about how it would affect her until I finally received a call from her that she got antibiotics from her Doctor, and that she should be feeling better tomorrow.

While I am still concerned about how her fever will impact the trip, I know regardless of how it changes our plans, we will have a wonderful time together. Regardless of whether we get to race around from opening until close, or whether we can take pictures and enjoy the parks after they close, we will have a great time. That’s because first and foremost, most certain and above all, we anticipate spending time with one another on this trip.


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It may be worth noting that each image links to that image's Flickr page. So if you want to see my other WDW shots, want to view the image larger, or want to download it for whatever reason, just click the image!


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This is the first one of these I’ve written. I honestly don’t know why I am writing it, as I don’t think there is too much excitement for any third parties who may be reading this regarding our planning, packing, etc.. In light of that consideration, I’ll keep this brief.

As the thirty day countdown wrapped up, Sarah and I headed off to a wedding for the weekend. Usually we ‘take it easy’ the weekend prior to our trip, but that was not the case this year. Late nights and fairly early mornings left us drained following the weekend, rather than rested. We returned from that trip on Sunday night, and in rare form, began packing!

I got all of our camera equipment charged, inspected, and prepared for the vigorous use it would receive in ‘The World’. Below is a collection of some of my WDW Camera straps, which will each receive one day on the camera during our trip. While we didn’t finish packing entirely that evening, we positioned ourselves so that we would not be frantically rushing around on Tuesday evening, or even Wednesday morning.


Monday night was more of the same. We did a little more packing, I went to the gym and ran for a while (we have found that with our aggressive style at the parks, it is very necessary to condition ourselves for the trips), all while listening to WDWRadio, one of my standbys for working out. Nothing gets you pumped up like Disney news and interviews! We headed to bed somewhat early, knowing we would need the rest in the week to come.

Tuesday morning arrived and as I began to prepare for my last day of work for the summer, I discovered that Sarah had been kept awake most of the night by a sore throat and stuffed nose. She consulted her mom, who believed that she most likely had a fever. Sarah took the day off work and visited the doctor, where she found that she would need to take antibiotics for the next 10 days. They also told her that she should be feeling better tomorrow. Hopefully their prognosis is correct!

This evening we put the final touches on the packing and again will head for bed early. Tomorrow, it’s up bright and early to head to the airport. We’ll see you in about 8 days (it always ends up being longer), when I will post the trip report in full!


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Loving the pre-trip so far Tom!!! I have to say you are soo darn creative, love the countdown calender! Can't wait for the next installment!


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Hey! I was happily reading along, waiting to see what your number one was going to be and wham! it stopped! I am loving the pre trip report! Hurry back to finish it, please!!!


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Hey! I was happily reading along, waiting to see what your number one was going to be and wham! it stopped! I am loving the pre trip report! Hurry back to finish it, please!!!

I've been doing 1 on the countdown each day. #6 will come today, followed by #5 tomorrow, and so on. Thanks!

Wilt Dasney

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Nice job with this. It's almost like you really love Disney or something. I'm glad to hear you don't have to deal with multi-car pileups at the property entrance anymore. I know how those can cast a damper on the rest of the day. :wave:


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Wow - this pre-trip TR is awesome! I'm really enjoying it - will be watching out for those darkened blurs rushing past me on the way to a character meet at the end of next week! :lol:


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Love the update Tom! Did you see that the land in closed from now til 11/1 for refurb?? Just read it in All Ears's newletter!!! I am so bummed! I love that ride. I got no Space and now no Land!! Boooo!!!


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Love the update Tom! Did you see that the land in closed from now til 11/1 for refurb?? Just read it in All Ears's newletter!!! I am so bummed! I love that ride. I got no Space and now no Land!! Boooo!!!

Yeah, unfortunately. TTA, Space Mountain, and Livin' with the Land are three of our favorite attractions. Oh well, at least they all (hopefully) will be better next trip!


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Yeah, unfortunately. TTA, Space Mountain, and Livin' with the Land are three of our favorite attractions. Oh well, at least they all (hopefully) will be better next trip!

Good way to look at it!!! But it still stinks that they are ALL being refurbed at the same time!! My DS who is 7 freaked out when I told him Space was closed when we are there. He was like what do you mean closed?? Forever?? I told him no, they were just making it better!! And he was like oh good... That just means we'll have to go back once it reopens!! :ROFLOL:


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I have been enjoying seeing your countdown on the Picture of the Day Thread. It is nice to know what each of these specifically mean to you and your fiancee. I am really looking forward to seeing your top 5 and reading your trip report!

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