Power outages at some resorts (2/3)


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Looks like there was some wider than typical power outage not that long ago. So far I know that Old Key West and Port Orleans Riverside were either completely or mostly out of power briefly, some parts are still without power. I'm waiting on secondary conformation on a few other reports out of Port Orleans French Quarter, Saratoga Springs, Fort Wilderness, Wilderness Lodge, and the Four Seasons.

Seems to have been short lived except for the couple of places still out. Doesn't seem to have hit any of the Parks or Disney Springs. No cause has been given, but due to the rumored area of the outage it seems like it might have been something more than just a transformer blowing or a line going out.

Anyone hear anything else?


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We were at Ft. Wilderness and on Jan. 23 Trail's End had a power failure and we got free breakfast. They used takeout boxes and plastic plates for the buffet. On the 24th we had a half hour or so power failure at our cabin.


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Can confirm that POFQ’s lobby/food court/gift shop had no power around 4:30 or 5ish. Our room at Riverside had power but don’t know about rest of the resort.


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I thought this was quite funny after the power outage reports.

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