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Pot shots


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I was watching Muppet Treasure Island last night and noticed at least one (perhaps two) very blatant shots at the Mouse House. Does anyone know of any other movies that do this? I just found it kinda interesting, Henson really doesn't want people to think they're Disney does he.:rolleyes:


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Uhhh...I hope that the "Hensen" you are referring to is his son....

Second...Well..considering that The Muppets are once again up for sale (and so far..the highest bidder is Disney), I see nothing wrong with it.

I know that Muppet Treasure Island was years ago...but dont forget that the muppets are actually in Disney parks, and I am sure disney if anything would ENCOURAGE it. I could think of much worse things to be mentioned in.

Dreamworks and other various companies that HATE Disney have taken pot shots at em for years..hell..95% of shrek is aimed at poking fun at Disney.

It is all just more exposure for Disney...

Anyway..back in topic::

Some other references::

Shrek - The obvious Farquad resembelence to Eisner.
Shrek - The fact that Farquad was a midget is reportidly a reference to a time Eisner called Katzenburg a Midget.

Geez....I am having a major brain fart right now (being at work does that to me)...i'll post more later


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nowinc, don't forget the it's a small world reference in shrek.

there are dozens of other examples, but that was the one scene that made me laugh out loud.

do you -- or does anybody else -- know the words to that little ditty from shrek?

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