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Post your old classic WDW keepsakes/souvenirs


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Nothing to add. Just wanted to say I've THROUGHLY enjoyed this thread. Thank you for starting it.

I guess I DID have one tidbit to add after all...I DID have one of those flint locks, but not from WDW. It was during the time of the Daniel Boone series in the mid 60's, and you had small cork mini-balls to push in with a supplied ramrod. You then put a round cap in the flash pan and the snap of the cap actually sent the ball flying a good 20+ feet out of the barrel.

Like everyone else, I didn't HAVE them long after shooting my sister with them. ;-)

Once again, thank you for starting a thread that's just 'Disney' talk...not frustration and dissatisfaction.

Regards! Michaelson

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I'd totally forgot that the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire attraction existed!

This is an awesome thread - Does anyone have any old DisneyQuest merch pictures?
Don't remind me.

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Was going through some boxes today and came across some of my souvenirs from the around 1985 that I thought were fun. Share some of your long ago keepsakes..

The first is the classic every kid remembered from Pirates... the OG pistols! These are the first time I learned you couldn't carry even toy guns with you on an airline :)
View attachment 586603

The next one was from the typical way to keep an child entertained in World Showcase.. let him pick something from the store :)

I present an abacus from China - pretty sure this was from the WS pavilion back then.

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Wish I still had my Frontierland musket. I played with it so much and then It hung for years behind my parent's basement bar. LOL.
Thanks a bunch for starting this thread. Right up my alley.
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We need time for things to happen.
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My parents took us to Disney once when we were kids, in 1995. I was 13. Big baggy T-shirts were the style and apparently, I felt the need to get 3 🤣 They are size XL and as an adult, I still wear them to bed all the time. So I’d say I got my monies worth.
I also got a Piglet stuffed animals. I loved it because he was super soft and fuzzy. My kids play with him now so he’s lost some of his softness. Also clearly worth the money 😊

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View attachment 586801
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You DEFINITELY got your money's worth here! I didn't realize they were rockin' some form of the spirit jersey 'back in the day' !

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