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I really enjoyed watching Muppet*Vision 3D ever since I saw it twice during my WDW vacation in 2012. It was really exciting especially with the effects and Bean Bunny trying to help with the film (even his failed attempts in assisting Miss Piggy during her number prompting Sam Eagle to send him away).

A video of the original film.

But it's been 30 years since it has been showing but now some people I believe say that it's gotta be updated with more Muppets, more advanced technology for the effects. The updates of the pre-show and the main show are semi-remakes of the originals with the latter where Kermit guides the viewers around Muppet Studios instead of the indoor labs likely to discover more 3-D/4-D movie magic. Interestingly, ALL the Muppets including the ones from the pre-show will appear in the main film. In addition, its location, Grand Avenue could transform into Muppet Studios with a few new attractions.

Without further ado, here's the plot to it. I even let Kermit and Fozzie laugh like Ernie and Bert (from Sesame Street) respectively. But in case you didn't know, the concept of the frog and bear duo is just like Bert and Ernie switching voices.


The remade pre-show is the same as the original but with Pepe interrupting some of the other Muppets' speeches and playing with Rizzo and Bean and Clifford helping Sam Eagle with the safety rules. Also, Rowlf and the Electric Mayhem stampede over Sam Eagle after he informs that the performers will go behind the curtain.

Main show

Prior to the beginning of the film, the right box's curtains open to reveal Statler and Waldorf putting on their glasses preparing for the show and obviously ready to heckle the other Muppets throughout the show. Soon, they notice an orchestra consisting of Nigel and Nicky Napoleon and his emperor penguins warming up before playing an instrumental score of "The Muppet Show Theme".

The curtain opens to reveal the view of the idyllic Muppet Studios, then we fade to the entrance. Gonzo hums the theme song while cleaning a lamppost, then the title pops out and Kermit jumps out of the "O" to stop Gonzo from crooning. Kermit immediately welcomes the viewers to the show within the backlot and introduces them to the Swedish Chef (as an animatronic in the theater's back wall), and then Miss Piggy, Rowlf, The Electric Mayhem, Walter, and Sam Eagle. As soon as Kermit hopes to avoid any cheap 3-D tricks, Fozzie shows up to show a few examples: a lasso and a hand buzzer (buzzing the seats), and a hose squirting the audience (with water effects)

FOZZIE: Wocka wocka! (laughs like Bert from Sesame Street)

STATLER: He's trying to drown us. What kind of act is that?

WALDORF: An act of mercy!

(Both STATLER and WALDORF laugh. Fozzie groans and buries his face with his hands in distress.)

KERMIT: Better luck next time Fozzie.

Kermit then takes the viewers into the Muppet Labs where Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker work. When Bunsen asks Beaker to turn on the machine they invented, Waldo C. Graphic comes out of it before his duplicates do and they all together fly around which causes the machine to explode and the room to have power outage. Kermit then leads the way out but when he is about to take the viewers to the music video stage building, Fozzie reappears and this time attempts to perform a magic trick with cards and flowers to satisfy the audience (with body tickling effects and projected colorful lights and sparkles around the theater) before magically disappearing causing Kermit to snicker like Ernie (from Sesame Street).

When Kermit finally brings the audience into the building, he lets Miss Piggy perform a modernized remake of "Dream a Little Dream of Me" accompanied by Rowlf on his piano and Nigel and the penguin orchestra. The remake takes place in a contemporary park. There, while the song is performed, butterflies fly around and some as animatronics fly above the audience. Also Bean Bunny, Rizzo the Rat, and Pepe the King Prawn sneak into the set trying to assist the pig with a bubble machine (with soap bubbles floating in the theater) without her even knowing. Miss Piggy unfortunately gets distracted to find out who did it while Rowlf tells her to get on with the performance while Bean, Rizzo, and Pepe snicker quietly. After Miss Piggy finishes the song, she leaves to find the tricksters segueing into "Can You Picture That" performed by Dr. Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Janice, Animal, and Zoot. As the song goes, pyrotechnics appear on the ceiling screens and lights scatter on the walls as Bean, Rizzo, and Pepe show up dancing around trying to distract the band. Clifford kindly scolds them to move away from the set, then the song ends with a splash of water transitioning Walter into his "Whistling Caruso". He ignores Piggy who passes him by trying to find the three critters and ultimately stops him with a reprise of "Dream a Little Dream of Me". At the last note, Bean, Rizzo, and Pepe show up and bring a huge box to end the number. They open it to reveal chickens and ducks chasing her into the lake (with a splash effect on the audience again).

Sam Eagle shows up startling the three and sends them away causing them to leave the studio accompanied by Waldo C. Graphic who turns into a van (signifying road trips) instead of a taxi cab. Gonzo notices the four and feels shocked at the fact that they are leaving forever. Sweetums and Thog play with paddleballs satisfying Fozzie before leaving. Gonzo informs Fozzie, Kermit, and Animal the terrible news with a distraught Miss Piggy passing by. Kermit tells his friends to search for Bean, Rizzo, and Pepe and then the audience to holler if they see them. Sweetums and Thog (in live form) appear in front of the stage asking where the three critters are just until they appear in the balcony opposite Statler and Waldorf. Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Animal finally notice them feeling worried that the three critters have informed that no one would help them in the movie and they would want to leave the film with Waldo. But Gonzo and Animal convince them to stay so they can see the fireworks during the finale. Bean, Rizzo, and Pepe agree to stay only if they are given something to do. Fozzie suggests that they could set up the fireworks. Kermit then lets Sam and everybody prepare for the finale.

KERMIT: Ladies and gentlemen, Muppet*Vision 3-D proudly presents our grand finale!

The musical number "Salute to All Nations, But Particularly America" plays out with human performers as well as the same dolls playing instruments and utilizing cannons from the original. Sam Eagle calls out Bean, Rizzo, and Pepe to set up the fireworks. But in this version, Waldo C. Graphic does not interrupt the performers, not even circling around Miss Piggy as the Statue of Liberty. But at the end of the number, Waldo C. Graphic uses a magic wand to transition to the closing scene but makes everything blank.

The Swedish Chef from the back wall uses his own wand to save Muppet Studios. And that's exactly what he has done. As the humans cheer along with the Muppets in the limousine, Kermit bids the audience farewell. The curtains close and Waldo C. Graphic once again shows up to transform into CGI flying Muppet hearts flying out and popping representing a kiss goodbye. The Muppets on the balconies comment on the film before their curtains close while the exit instrumental music score of "The Muppet Show Theme" from the original plays out and the show is over.


  • Peter Linz as Kermit the Frog (to not confuse newer generations from knowing that Matt Vogel's Kermit voice exactly sounds like his doppelganger, Constantine), Bean Bunny, Rizzo the Rat, Walter, Statler, and Waldo C. Graphic
  • Eric Jacobson as Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal, and Sam Eagle
  • Dave Goelz as Gonzo, Zoot, Waldorf, and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
  • Bill Barretta as The Swedish Chef, Rowlf, Pepe the King Prawn, Clifford, and Dr. Teeth
  • Matt Vogel as Floyd Pepper, Sweetums, and Thog
  • David Rudman as Scooter, Janice, and Beaker
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Why Not Having David Rudman as Statler, Beaker and Sweetums. It's Just a Thought. I Remembering going to the Muppets Concert in 2017 at the Hollywood Bowl where Beaker is Performed by David Rudman.


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Why Not Having David Rudman as Statler, Beaker and Sweetums. It's Just a Thought. I Remembering going to the Muppets Concert in 2017 at the Hollywood Bowl where Beaker is Performed by David Rudman.
Sorry, I wasn't aware of this. But you know, Peter Linz and Matt Vogel are currently playing Statler and Sweetums respectively.


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Sounds good, as long as that annoying 3d character is gone it's improvement. I don't know why they put him in the film, he's the Jar Jar Binks of Muppets 3d.

Maybe you could have Celebrities and Constantine make appearances. As long as the celebs are people that will remain relevant. We wouldn't want to get someone from a tv show that won't be popular in 10 years.

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