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Pop prices

Queen of the WDW Screne

Well-Known Member
But what are the dates you looked for?

I just checked Labor Day weekend (isn't the skyliner set to open before that?) and standard is $150

Queen of the WDW Screne

Well-Known Member
Rack rate? Or discount applied?
I'm not totally sure which poster you were asking this question to but my guess is the OP's rates were rack rates. My rate that I just checked on for Labor Day weekend was also a rack rate and who knows there could still be a discount coming out although it likely wouldn't include Labor Day weekend anyways.


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I'm staying at Pop this fall, but booked through a 3rd party a while back (at a much better deal than Disney could ever offer) and it's weird to be fully aware that this will be the last time I stay at Pop.

Looks like it'll be the All Stars or Deluxe for me moving forward! :hilarious: (I know... big range... just not the biggest fan of Moderates).
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