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Pop or Carribean Beach

Think Tink

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It totally depends. My husband and I love to spend time at the resorts so I would choose CB but for most people POP would be perfect!

Dave Ber

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We used to love the CBR but since the remodel we really dislike at this point. We would pick POP all day long the only thing CBR has other than POP is a Hot Tub and waterslide at the pool, we enjoy the food court at POP 100% more than CB
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It depends on your group/family size. Caribbean gives you slightly larger space, I believe double beds in Pop vs. queens in Caribbean. Also, Caribbean gives you a sit-down restaurant option, and a more formal lounge. As our kids became teenagers, we found the value resorts to be a little too cramped when it came to sleeping arrangements, and the moderates a little more accommodating. Also, on an extended trip, claustrophobia started to set in with the values ;). If it was just my wife and I, the values were ok.


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It would depend on how long of stay. If this is $700 for less then a week I wouldn't do it, but if this is for 10 days or more I'd pay the extra. I love the corner rooms in CBR with the extra window and the extra food options and better pool would be worth it on a long trip. A week of non stop park hopping, give me the cheapest bed you can.
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