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Poor Quality Shutters photos on Wish? Refund

The Moles Family

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Original Poster
Probably a no-go here but we have just got off the Wish and looked at our photos at home. They are BAD… Are we able to get a refund on the photo package?

Constant shadowing from the photographers in the pictures, any photos where I am wearing Glasses are covered in reflections.

My husband is a photographer and even he is Gobsmacked how poor these auto photos have turned out. Even in photoshop he can’t get them to look even decebt

If I contact DCL and complain, are they likely to listen?


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Sorry to hear about your poor experience. I had to work with Shutters customer service after a recent cruise (missing photos), and I just want to warn you that their response time is glacially slow. They WILL get back to you, but it will take ages. Good luck!


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Wait, so you got all the pictures and are now asking DCL to give them to you for free? Is a price adjustment possible or even probable? Can't unring the bell or unsee to photos, copies of which, even if suboptimal, will always remain in your possession.

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