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Pooh's Hunny Hunt Tokyo vs Winnie The Pooh MK


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Tokyos version is better and much more fun. But thats not surprising because most every version of things are better done over seas. Love the Tigger song in Japanese. It threw me off at the beginning of the video to see the book pages printed in English.


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The ride is for sure great in most ways.

The real charm for me though after going was in the queue and post exit area. There is nothing quite like that in any other Fantasyland's I have been to.
I adore Hunny Hunt's aesthetic: full Audio-Animatronics instead of limited motion figures, fully dimensional and detailed sets instead of the simple blacklit environments of a typical Fantasyland dark ride, special effects aplenty (the floor and scenery bouncing along with Tigger, the Pepper's ghost/starfield when Pooh falls asleep, etc.), the garden and toolshed in the queue, and the way the trackless component is executed (right down to the last leg of the queue and the boarding area being on par with those of a typical Fantasyland dark ride to further sell the surprise of the ride itself being more than that).

I still think the Magic Kingdom's Pooh ride is a pretty solid traditional dark ride, though (even if it should've been built anew as opposed to taking out Mr. Toad). The bouncing and floating motions of the vehicle where accordant augment the experience quite a bit - and the hidden picture of Toad handing the deed to Toad Hall to Owl is a clever touch!
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