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Pontoon Boat Rentals - Beach Club Resort

Cowboy Steve

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Howdy all!

I am contemplating renting a pontoon boat from the Beach Club area marina for an hour or so before our dinner reservations at Cape May. Has anyone rented one of the pontoon boats? Is there a pretty good area to boat around from that marina, or would I be better served by renting at the campground marina or the contemporary resort? Not sure what the range/restrictions they put on the pontoon boats as far as where all you can go. Thought we might enjoy a leisurely and hopefully relaxing cruise before dinner. I have extensive boating experience - not that you probably need much with these pontoons... lol. Thanks!


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I'm not sure about the specific restrictions at the Beach Club, but in the past I found that renting boats on Seven Seas Lagoon/Bay Lake was much a much better location with much more room to explore as compared to the Epcot resorts. So I would recommend renting the boat at the Contemporary or Grand Floridian. According to this page, they're not renting them at the campground:



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I agree with @rbb987. There isn’t a lot of space on Crescent Lake compared with Seven Seas and Bay Lake.

At Crescent Lake you’re confined to the area between the resorts afaik. Whereas if you rent at one of the Seven Seas resorts you have a massive area to explore.

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