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Looking at the Deluxe Studio standard view room. Anyone have any experience with these? How far away they are from everything? Opinions in general on them?



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I love the Poly Studios. Request Tokelau longhouse and be next to the quite pool and a short walk to the main building. Even shorter walk to the bust stop.


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I've stayed at both Pago Pago and Moorea (lake and standard view). It is not much of a walk further to the feature pool and the main building. In those two longhouses, you are closer to the TTC. Both are quiet and relaxing. We've stayed at Poly three times now and my son only went to the DVC pool once as he prefers the main pool. I was told a lot of people request Tokelau because it is the most central of all the villas---I just never got assigned it (maybe in July if my trip goes ahead). 🤞


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Love Moorea and the lake view is spectacular! So much fun to sit on the balcony with a morning coffee or evening something and watch the boats, etc.
It's not particularly far to main building and is very close to the TTC.


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All 3 buildings are closest to TTC so very convenient for getting to MK, Epcot, and the bus stop. All really close to the Oasis quiet pool. We have been 2 doors down from the end of Moorea and it was always less than 5 minutes to the GCH.

We are not huge fans of studios but PVB is one we will stay at. Our favorite shower ever is the stand alone there.

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I was in Moorea, first floor. The location was great-I took the monorail TO the MK and the ferry BACK. Only disadvantage was that I got lost several times on the paths to the main building. Also, I wasn't impressed with the room or longhouse itself-seemed kind of old/dated.
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