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Polynesian dvc


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As a warning to you if you don’t enjoy hearing the ferry boats’ horns every 15 minutes from 7AM to one hour after park close, avoid the water view.
Or use a white noise machine or fan.

Or if you aren't from the country it's not any louder than home. Just out experiences in 4 different water view rooms there.

Club Cooloholic

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This should help. BTW, I found that my standard room at Moorea on the end closest to the Transportation Center was very noisy at this time. They are doing construction so avoid it if possible.


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If you are going standard view, I recommend requesting Tokelau.. it is the closes to the GCH and you will have guaranteed "garden" or pool views

Whole heartily agree with this! We had a first floor pool view and it was awesome. A quick short walk to GCH, Lava pool, and TTC and right next to the "quiet" pool

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