POLL: When are you planning to return to Walt Disney World?

When do you plan to next visit Walt Disney World following the reopening from coronavirus?

  • As soon as the parks reopen

    Votes: 178 11.7%
  • Within the first month of reopening

    Votes: 128 8.4%
  • Within the first 3 months of reopening

    Votes: 185 12.2%
  • Within the first 6 months of reopening

    Votes: 116 7.6%
  • Sometime in 2020

    Votes: 302 19.8%
  • Sometime in 2021

    Votes: 510 33.5%
  • No plans to return

    Votes: 103 6.8%

  • Total voters

Parker in NYC

Well-Known Member
We have a trip booked for October. But at this point, no one knows anything. Also, can you imagine the crowds due to rescheduled trips? Eep.

Rue D'Baga

Active Member
Just cancelled last week of April trip. Have a trip now for May 17. If that doesn't happen, I have a conference trip in July at WDW that's still on. If THAT doesn't happen, I may just wait until April 2021.


Well-Known Member
Had reservation for Apr 15-18 for Star Wars RunDisney. Now I think we are going to wait for some time before we go back (at least until after 2021).


Well-Known Member
We were scheduled to go for a long weekend starting April 2nd. Hoping to rebook for the 4th of July. If not, Christmas time. We are living in uncertain times for sure. Anyway, everyone take care of yourselves & others!!!!


Well-Known Member
We have a January 2021 trip booked, but if COVID-19 makes a resurgence in late fall/early winter and there's no vaccine available (which is likely the case), we'll have to re-evaluate.


Well-Known Member
We haven't officially cancelled our mid-May trip, but I have booked the POFQ for the last week of October. Hoping it will be good to go.

Sans Souci

Well-Known Member
We're going on a DCL cruise at the end of September, followed by 3-4 days at WDW. My husband's making noises about doing a straight, week long WDW trip now.


Active Member
Just moved our April (previously March) trip to May. We have a week scheduled for December that I'm not worried about but I'm worried about the May one not feeling the same with all this talk of no character meet and greets and potentially no epcot at all and whatnot. If anything is open, we will be there.


Park nostalgist
Premium Member
Mid-June trip is likely going to get delayed until early August, as some of the people we intended to be there with have had to cancel due to the pandemic. Still hoping late September happens.


Well-Known Member
Can I vote other?

I'm thinking about going a few months after they open, but it all depends on so much. For example, if only half the park was running there's no way I'd pay full price.

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