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POLL: When are you planning to return to Walt Disney World?

When do you plan to next visit Walt Disney World following the reopening from coronavirus?

  • As soon as the parks reopen

    Votes: 178 11.7%
  • Within the first month of reopening

    Votes: 128 8.4%
  • Within the first 3 months of reopening

    Votes: 185 12.2%
  • Within the first 6 months of reopening

    Votes: 116 7.6%
  • Sometime in 2020

    Votes: 302 19.8%
  • Sometime in 2021

    Votes: 510 33.5%
  • No plans to return

    Votes: 103 6.8%

  • Total voters


Premium Member
I have a trip planned May 31-June 9 but what i'm seeing about what may happen even if they are open... I don't think I want to start the clock on my annual pass just yet since I have another 10 day trip booked in October I may just wait until then.

Does anyone think the parks may be open and normal by May 31st? I'm not seeing much optimism


Active Member
I have a trip scheduled for May 9-16. I don't know if this is the right move but I am still crossing my fingers we can make the trip. We are DVC and hoping once we know if they are going to be closed for this timeframe we can cancel if we need to and points will be placed back in our account for this use year.

We are hanging on to hope but by a thread.


Well-Known Member
We had to cancel our 3/29-4/5 trip....but we have a 11/1-11/14 two week trip booked this year DVC. So.....hopefully we can all go back when we want to go back!


Well-Known Member
We were planning on a non-Disney trip this summer and then Disney in December 2021, but if there are some good discounts this fall, and our summer trip doesn't happen, we may re-consider.


Well-Known Member
We are going to be rescheduling our April trip for late September...fingers crossed!


New Member
This is not meant to frighten anyone, but the US strain of COVID-19 is hitting healthy 30-40 year olds very hard, with many in my area needing to be intubated. This is not any longer affecting only 60+ year olds or those with medical issues. Weigh the risk carefully if you plan a 2020 trip.


Well-Known Member
I was going to plan for Autumn/Fall 2021 (my 40th birthday and Magic Kingdom 50th) but I am worried that the parks will still be suffering further from cutbacks even through the next few years and the experience won't be what it should be. Although it also depends which was flight and hotel prices go, if flight prices shoot up then it might cause me to rethink international travel significantly in general.

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