POLL: Have you ever had to evacuate a ride at WDW?

Have you had to evacuate any ride at WDW while on the ride?

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Pepper's Ghost

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This is a simple one. I just want to poll this community to find out what ratio of folks have had to evacuate any ride at WDW while actually riding (not while in queue). I've been to WDW approximately 5 times as an adult for an entire week each time, and have never had to evacuate any ride ever. Am I just that lucky (or unlucky)? Btw, a ride temporarily stopping doesn't qualify. "Playful Spooks interrupting your tour" before it restarts is not an evacuation. 🤪🤣

I think this one is pretty objective, so a polling of this community with a decent level of response should be a good representation of how many people have to evac a ride at some point. :)

I'd love to hear stories of some of the cooler evacuations. 😁 Pictures/videos are even better!

Dreaming of Disney World

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I've been to Disney World 6 times. On my last trip we had to evacuate the Winnie the Pooh ride. The door of our honey pot wouldn't open, and two cast members had to use all their strength to physically pry it open. We were the last group to leave and walked back through the empty ride. We got paper fast passes.


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Yep. Most notable was Test Track for us. But we have been walked off a few rides over the decades of going. More in the last few years than before.


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I haven't made it into the Ride Evac club yet, though we did have a very lengthy ride delay on SSE once that I thought was going to eventually lead to one. Even had a CM walking past us alongside the track a few times.

Close, but doesn't count.

The Mighty Tim

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Out of all 9 trips, I've had one evac and that was from Ellen's Energy Adventure. However, since this was at the very start of the ride (we had finished the preshow and had boarded the ride vehicle), but the ride had not actually commenced. Nevertheless, I still ticked the "yes" box above.

I almost had my second evac on my last trip when Buzz Lightyear stopped for a while. We were just rounding the final turn before you get to the unload station, where you see the scoreboard telling you your rank when the rode stopped. After perhaps 10 minutes or so, some barriers came up beside the vehicles, which I'd never seen happen in previous stoppages. I think the background music might have stopped too. A few minutes later, the barriers disappeared and everything started up again.


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On the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney world with my handicapped sister who is barely able to walk. Most incredible behind the scenes tour of what the inside of the ride looks like. Followed a long narrow ramp with all the lights on. You would not recognize the ride with the lights on. Just a huge bundle of wires and electronics. Every once in awhile we would recognize some object from part of the ride. We were repeatedly told not to take pictures. The path was tiny and my sister struggled to get out of there. We stopped whenever there was a path wide enough to let others pass us. Was an incredible and horrible experience that I will never forget.


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Nope, not once in 37.5 years and 47 trips and 141 approximate days in the assorted parks. I have however prayed many times that SSE would have a serious breakdown just as we got to the top with view of earth. I could just look at that for hours.


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Liberty Square Steamboat got stuck, they had to have the rafts for Tom Sawyers Island come and get the guests off..so my group all got free skip the line passes so we went to POTC and they walked us behind to the Cast Member Only entrance and we came out right by the boats and got on...


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Never at Disney World, but I was evacuated from Big Thinder Mountain at Disneyland. It was about as exciting as leaving a mall through a service exit. Didn't really get to see anything in detail.


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Weve been on 14 trips, 12 of them for 14 days, 2 of them were for 10 days. Weve had many rides have minor and major stoppages but never had any that caused us to experience an evacuation. Even though it would have caused the loss of a ride, I would have enjoyed being led backstage through passages not normally seen. Some of the photos that have been posted by others are pretty interesting.


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As a 16 year passholder I cannot count the number of times I have been. I have been evacuated from the TTA and BTM. During the TTA evac we were in the third hall next to the future lady getting her hair cut. We had to wait for a couple CMs to come get us and then guide the entire car worth of people through some service doors and down the stairs. It was around closing time and multiple guests were taking video.

The BTM evac was more interesting. We were in the cavern wear the falling rocks used to be. We came to a stop and had to wait for CMs to come get us once again. They were more strict about video this time as we were directed down stairs and through the inside (backstage) areas of the mountain. The mountains looks very different from underneath and inside of it. Lots of steal and wire mesh that frames the stucco of the mountain. Also some finished rooms. My daughter was about 5 at the time and she thought it was a real mountain until she experienced the evac.

I can say that after being at Disney countless times that evacs happen very infrequently. So infrequently that I appreciate them when they happen to me.

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