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polite pig


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who has eaten there? looking for a casual disney springs eatery, heard good things and prices, for disney anyway, seem reasonable, thanks.


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We love the Polite Pig. The bourbon selection is excellent and the food is excellent as well. We love to get the trio slider and 2 sides (one always being the brussel sprouts) I highly recommend.


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Weve eaten there several times and the food has been delicious. After ordering the food has always come out quickly. The brisket has been my preference.

Beacon Joe

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I'm a barbecue snob, and they earned two enthusiastic thumbs up from me.

Pulled pork is my thing, and PP did it very well. Brisket isn't really my thing, but IMO, PP's brisket matched the brisket I had at some noted places around Austin. And far exceeded the brisket from a certain bbq mecca about 20 miles northeast of Austin.


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Cask & Larder in MCO (Gates 100-129) is a sister restaurant. Their main location is The Ravenous Pig in Winter Park, FL.


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Polite Pig is excellent; it's one of the best QS restaurants anywhere at WDW. Maybe the best.

It's not the absolute best BBQ you'll ever have, but it's far better than I was expecting.


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It's good. You probably know this, but note that it's counter service, not a sit-down restaurant. However, they do have servers who will deliver for your food after you order, etc.


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I unfortunately have not made it there yet, but if the chefs' primary restaurant (Ravenous Pig) is an indicator, do it!

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