Police Presence at Epcot Resort Area


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Orange County Sheriff’s Office is reporting a Suspicious Person incident at Epcot Resorts Blvd. Call #03943 at 7:25.



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Probably something to do with that missing animatronic that starts with the letter B. Or one of the two infamous trespassers got in again.
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There are high end resorts in that area and some guests drive very expensive vehicles. Hopefully the guests are OK.


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Stolen vehicles are listed as such. This is listed as “Suspicious Person”.
It would only be listed as stolen vehicle if they recovered the vehicle or someone reportedly it stolen. They could be searching for a stolen vehicle and come across a suspect (as in this case) who matches the description. This is listed as a “Suspicious Person” call until they can positively identified the person as the suspect. Also these call logs only list the initial call type or signal. Over the course of the investigation the call type updates but more then likely not on the OCSO service log.


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From OCSO Twitter:
“Deputies were at the Disney Beach Club Resort in reference to a suspicious person. Someone thought a man had a gun under a jacket. Deputies determined there was no threat. Guests at the resort are safe. We take all threats seriously and will always respond and investigate.”
It was one of the mythical “forever” refillable mugs, and he had good reason to keep it hidden. We’d all do the same.


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Now I'm curious as to what led to this big misunderstanding and bold response. Was he acting irate, causing a scene himself? Did another paranoid guest see an object on him (umbrella, gadget, etc.) and mistakenly phone-in the threat?
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