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POFQ or Carribean Beach


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Last 2 visits were at POFQ (May 2016 and May 2018) which we loved but CB has come in cheaper for August 2020 (Yes I am early planning but need a lot of saving)
So guys Pro's and cons which do you think


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CBR will likely always come in cheaper; it's quite rare that POFQ is discounted. Might be nice to break things up with a stay at CBR? It's large compared to POFQ, but to its credit, it does have a bunch of rejuvenated buildings and eateries.
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I think I noticed a thread on here recently about the recent changes at CBR. You might to refer to that for some of the latest opinions. As for personal opinion, we love POFQ. It's usually our go to choice.

JillC LI

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Loved both POR (including our walk over to POFQ for beignets) and CBR. Can't go wrong with either.


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The gondola will not effect the price, although other renovations might. The gondola is strictly there to relieve the massive bus transportation problems at some of the resorts.
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