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Platinum Edition DVD's


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Snow White - 2001
Beauty and the Beast - 2002
Lion King - 2003
Aladdin - 2004
Bambi - 2005
The Jungle Book - 2006
Cinderella - 2007
The Little Mermaid - 2008
Lady and the Tramp - 2009
101 Dalmatians - 2010

The complete Platinum Edition series of DVD's. The films are definite. The dates I think might change but thats how they currently stand.


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Where did you get these dates? Just curious.

Although 2003 makes sense. Lion King is going to Imax just like BATB in 2002.


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Well, it's been on the Disney Animation Archive for the last 3 months, but that site orginally got the info from some people that work for Disney in the animation department.


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Sigh - it's going to be a LOOONG wait until Aladdin on DVD.

Wonder why Sleeping Beauty isn't included... would take that over Jungle Book any day.


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I can't remember the site name.

Jungle Book is much more popular than Sleeping Beauty. It along with Snow White and Toy Story were the only animated movies the 100 Greatest Films of all time list by channel 4 (UK).


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I think that they should put Sleeping Beauty into the PLANTNIUM EDITION pot!!!

The movie deserves to be polished up and showcases in that sort of fashion.


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I to thinks it should be but there are clear reasons why it is not. 10 is a nice round number not 11 and these films are better. All of these did well in there initial release (not SB). There was nothing cut from SB at all. I'm getting the German two-disc in April I hope it has a good range of features.


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What's the difference between, say, the Jungle Book that was released and this new one? Will they do what they did with Peter Pan, double discs and stuff?

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