Plantation Key Porkchop gone?


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Plantation Key Pork Chop Gone? Been checking the menu At Olivia's and low and behold, no show for the Plantation Key Pork Chop. Could it be something they can not serve because of the brining process, or is this a memory now? DW is heartbroken!


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Most every restaurant all over the property I’ve visited since re-opening has a reduced menu from normal.

Then again, it’s also normal for restaurants to change up their menus over time and swap out old items and introduce new ones. You can’t keep a good chef onboard if you will not let them try new menu items occasionally.


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According to the AllEars it still on the Dinner menu as of July 2020.
However I checked a few other sites to include the main Walt Disney World site and as mentioned by yourself and @donsullivan they may have removed it from their normal offerings because of the pandemic due in part to a limited staff, ability to source certain ingredients and/or have opted to go in a different direction to introduce new items.
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