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Pirate Adventure Cruise- Ages


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What’s the oldest age your kids have been when doing the Pirate Adventure Cruise?

My son did it at age 6... he’ll be at Disney in April during his 10th bday, along with his cousins aged 5, 7 at that time.

I’d like for the 3 of them to do it together, but I don’t remember ever seeing older kids on the boats.


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The Disney site lists it as for ages 4 - 12... preschoolers, kids and tweens. Just a happenstance that you didnt see older kids at the time. Four years later, your son being 10, that would make the cousins still within the age range limit.


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Our 10 year old did it with his brother (6). The 10 year old was the oldest in the boat but he liked it. He might not have enjoyed it as much if he didn’t know anyone else on board but liked it having a brother along.
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