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Pinioned birds at Animal Kingdom—UPDATED


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I really appreciate you posting this and, more importantly, pursuing the issue in the first place.

I remember spending the last night of my honeymoon in AK Lodge and looking out and wondering about the pelicans that were in the watering hole at the back of Jambo House. I then went down and asked one of the CMs and got the answer. It upset me a lot. I really feel that WDW makes great efforts to take care of the animals they have, and I am very supportive of the Disney Conservation Fund's work. Overall I can justify AK to myself based on their conservation-related activities. But pinioning a bird does not sit well with me at all. It's one thing to keep an animal in captivity but another to permanently deprive it of one of its most basic behaviours.

I would be totally willing to send a letter to AK asking for their policy on pinioning.
Thank you for your post. I'm glad you share my concern. Did the CM you spoke with specifically mention pinioning or refer more vaguely to wing-clipping?

I couldn't find a dedicated email or postal address for enquiries to AK specifically. If you have one, please do share!
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