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Does anyone have any good pictures of innoventions attractions from when they were still open? I'm looking for maps and photos from various different years of its existence and any interior photos, especially from when it was still "The Road to Tomorrow" and from 2005 to 2012 or so. I'm working on a comic that takes place inside the innoventions building and I need clear pictures of the layout for both buildings to use as a drawing reference. Clear pictures and videos not publicly listed on YouTube would be helpful! The pictures don't have to be spectacular, just helpful for details since I'm trying to recreate the space. Fewer people in the pictures would be helpful but I'll take anything you have!

Anyone who contributes something that I don't already have will be given credit on the dedication page.

I'm looking for pics of:
Don't Waste It! (Really need pictures of this)
Test the Limits Lab
Tom Morrow 2.0's playground
Fantastic Plastic Works (Really need pictures of this)
Knowledge Vortex (Really need pictures of this)
Anything not super popular

I DON'T need:
Anything colortopia related
The Sum of All Thrills
Where's the fire
Smart House
Kim Possible

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