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PHOTOS - Magic Kingdom vegetarian food guide now available


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I love this! Many things are available in the parks for us veggies but are not always listed on the menus...so you have to ask and this guide will just make life that much easier for us. Btw, I have a friend who works for a company that supplies Disney with some of its vegetarian friendly options and a couple months ago he said to be ready for WDW to get a whole lot friendlier to vegetarians. He said we can expect a lot more vegan and vegetarian options in the coming months and so far he’s been right. I really hope the trend continues!


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The menu is great for people who don't know about what foods come from mammals...
Not all animal products come from mammals.

I was thinking the same thing. As a vegetarian, I think I know how to pick food from a menu.
Actually, there are many seemingly vegetarian options that contain ingredients such as gelatin and meat broth, and vegan foods are even trickier to identify. On occasion, my partner and I have had to wait several minutes for the chef to confirm whether or not something is vegetarian/vegan, which not only cuts into our own time, but also lengthens the wait for others. This new guide is a great way of removing any ambiguity and speeding things up for everyone.
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