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PHOTOS - Height balloon test spotted at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort


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The proposed CBR boat link was deemed a H&S risk. Alternatives are being considered.


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Ahh that's right... I was there the day the inferno barge exploded in the afternoon... Yikes... Yeah that would be a risk...


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I have always advocated ski gondolas that transport you from a tropical paradise to Bavaria or Italian Alps. Perhaps passing through the Matterhorn or Dolomites on their journey.

It can be themed properly in both ends. St. Thomas has a gondola that takes you up the mountain to paradise point. And as you mentioned, ski gondolas make sense for the mountains of Germany.


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But even a walkway crossing the higway would end up near the same place...Automated reversing tram on a track?

Since there's a decent distance involved, perhaps a walkway that incorporates sections of a moving sidewalk? They seem to work perfectly well at airports...even at Uni Hollywood.

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